Where Have I Been?

I know I’ve disappeared again. These last few weeks have been super chaotic! If you’ve been following my Instagram or Twitter you already know a little bit about things that are going on. But I’ll fill you in because it’s a lot of craziness and adulting and goals and just… yeah.

To start, a few weeks back Katie and I filmed a YouTube cooking video, which was a lot of fun. I wanted to be able to edit it right away but I had to spend a LOT of time going back and forth to my office because the camera and computer I use for work decided to disagree with each other. Lots of technical issues- it was super frustrating. Then I was sick. I got lucky because work slowed down a bit so I ended up being able to stay home and rest a lot. MEANWHILE James and I had been looking into financing a new car for me to drive to work. Since I do tons of driving all over the Chicagoland area, we felt it would be a good idea to get a nice reliable car that I could feel safe driving. We bought a 2010 Mercury Mariner and traded in my old Explorer.
The day after we brought it home it wouldn’t start. It was super frustrating to have to put money into a car we just bought but I ended up buying a battery for it. The day after that, it wouldn’t start again. I had to call off work and get it looked at. After some poking around, James found out it was just a fuse – to our relief.

Work has picked back up as well. Then on top of that, I help my sister in law photograph a wedding. That was a lot of fun and really cool to learn how to do. But between photographing directly after a school job and then spending most of the following Sunday editing – it was exhausting as well.  It was worth it though, I’m glad we got to be a part of it.

And more recently, James and I decided to actually set some fitness goals and we’re really going to try to stick to them. So, we’ve been trying to figure out when we can squeeze in going to the gym with our busy schedules.

I’ve been meaning to write a post for awhile too. I have an idea for it, anyway. But with everything, I kind of felt like I needed to update  instead.

So, I’m alive and all that. Keep an eye out for a couple different posts in the future. And once I get Katie’s video edited I’ll be posting that here as well.

Thanks for hanging in there with me, if you are.

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