Some News And Things

I’m posting a photo shoot later in a few minutes, but I wanted to pop in to say hello to my readers and to talk about a few blog housekeeping things. I know, super boring.

I’ve been super busy with work! My company is doing a lot of stuff to tie up the end of this school year. So there’s a lot of proms, spring and grads, retakes, communions, candids, etc coming up. On the side, Miss Dolce Vita and I have been teaming up to try and launch our side business. So we’ve recently had a boudoir shoot for an old friend of ours. I’ve spent some time editing and uploading those. And Katie (Dolce Vita) is competing in a pin up competition, so I’ve been working diligently on promotional photos for her.

So, once again, I’ve been kind of neglecting the blog. Trust me though, if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you’ll get snippets of my daily life. I’d highly recommend it.

Since I really do enjoy blogging about everyday things, or makeup or whatever else I’m going to be keeping this blog. However I’ll be trying to keep my more boudoir/lingerie/risque stuff separate from this. I am working on another blog solely for my clients to view their photos and download from there. When that goes live, I’ll be sharing it with you guys! Bear in mind these will be more PG-13 photos.

I’ll still be posting Photo Diary stuff here, and more tame sessions.

And stay tuned, because I am in the process of posting my latest pin-up session with Katie for Miss Motoblot!

Thanks for reading. If you liked my post hit follow to geek out with me every week! And you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram at softlysaturated!


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