Photo Diary: Engaged!

I’ve been meaning to post this for a couple days now…


Dat sapphire tho.

I’m engaged! On Saturday, James had a little surprise date planned for me! We went to Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament since we’ve never been there before. They have a little knighting ceremony so you can go up there and be knighted by the king and get your picture taken like that. During that they had me stand next to him while he was being knighted, then we took our picture and then they told me to turn and face him, and he pulled out this beautiful ring and asked me to marry him.

They gave us some beautiful pewter champagne glasses and a little booklet with all our pictures in it. They even took pictures of the proposal in action! So sweet.

So, basically I’m on cloud nine lately… 😀

Just wanted to share that exciting news, though if you’re following me on Instagram or Twitter you already knew. Anyway, I know I’ve been just posting a lot of photos lately but I do have a couple post ideas in the works. So stay tuned for that.

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