My “Complete” Ren Faire Costume

I wish I could remember where I got all these things. I’m gonna try my best to be as detailed as possible talking about it all, but I truly can’t remember where I got a majority of the costume pieces.  I posted a couple photos on blogs in the past but every year something gets added to the costume. So this is the current collection.

Ceramic Mug

I don’t remember where this is from, but I would know it if I saw it, so I’ll try to update it later. It is from a shop at the Faire, I do remember that much.

Leather wrapped Vile

My “dragon medicine” (water). Little bottle that hangs from my belt along with the (above mentioned) mug. And my purse. Don’t remember the shop. I would know it if I saw it though.


I do believe Tara gave these to me a long time ago. Either her or Kelsey. I would imagine whoever it was got them from Hot Topic. I don’t know though. I want to replace them this year with dragon claw gauntlets. I have to see if I can even afford them though.


These boots where from Groupon. They were perfect for my costume and I didn’t have any footwear at the time, so I couldn’t pass them up. I think they were less than $30. Buying footwear at the Faire is super expensive so I’m glad I found these! (That’s right, I DO get shoes to match my costumes, but not my outfits.)


This belt is custom made for me by my friend Matt. He does a fantastic job with leather. I helped! I stained the leather black!

Red and Black detailed purse

Another item I got at a shop at the Faire and I don’t remember which one. It’s definitely another I would know if I saw, so I’ll try to get an update on that as well.


I don’t always wear them, but I pulled them out in case I decide to for tomorrow. Got them at a shop at the Faire. I dunno. So many of them sell stuff like this that I couldn’t tell you.


My corset! Ah! I do believe this is my first real piece of Renaissace clothing. James bought it for me there, and I’d know the shop if I saw it. Love the dragons, and it really did help me go with a theme!


Skirt! It’s a long (goes down to my feet) skirt with a detail that goes so perfectly with my theme I couldn’t not get it! I got it on Amazon. The page isn’t working though, otherwise I would link it here.

Dragon Earrings

I got these at a shop there, that maybe I would know if I ran into it. I did end up modifying them. One of them came with an attached ear cuff that I decided I didn’t really like after all, so I removed it. Besides that, my sister in law got me a cool cuff. Which is pictured later.

Dragon cuff

This was the (above mentioned) ear cuff I was talking about. I kind of want to paint the stone red because it doesn’t match, but damn it’s cool! It’s actually earring, and the tail is the backing so it looks like it’s going through your ear and wrapping around the cartilage. I should have gotten the whole thing in the shot but I’m obsessed with my macro filters…


This is a necklace that I’ve made and remade time and time again. The original pendant was from Spencer’s, I believe. Or Hot Topic. The chain and beads are probably from Michael’s and I modified this myself. It may be hard to tell but the dragon is wrapped around a sword.

Baby Dragon

This is the most important piece of my costume! He’s a baby dragon puppet named Jareth the Goblin King, Champion of Bacon. The shop James got him from is called Midsummer Knight’s Dream and they have all kinds of different pets in all sorts of sizes and colors and ages! They even do custom orders.  He is my most favorite piece ever, in fact we’ve turned back for him because I’ve forgotten him at home! He does get a lot of attention whenever I’m there. Everyone’s always asking where he’s from so that’s why I actually know the name of the shop!

The only thing I didn’t photograph today to show is the new wig. I do have a cell phone image…


Wig is by Louise Maely – my new favorite shop to buy wigs from. It’s on Amazon, and you can find it here. I haven’t decided how to wear it just yet. I put it in a braid because it’s super long. I might leave it like that.

So Bristol Renaissance Faire opened today and we’ll  be going tomorrow! If you follow me on Instagram, I will be posting throughout the day. So, be prepared for that. I won’t be bringing my camera. We like to try and go another day later on so I can wear a less elaborate costume and be more comfortable carrying a camera with me. I’d like to try and enter a photo contest this year, so hopefully we do end up making it there a second time.

Hip, hip, huzzah!

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