Travel Blog: Mammoth Cave

So, I promised this post like, a million weeks ago. So I think I should probably make it  happen. This is the sort of thing I used to do back when I took vacations with my family. I didn’t have a blog service yet, but I was running a website. And I would just add to a designated page every time I went somewhere. I would keep a diary with me and write about what I did that day and post it all up on that page when I got back. I didn’t keep a diary this time, but I could still talk about what I did while I was at Mammoth Cave. But I’m wondering if I should start doing that again?

Granted, with the Internet the way it is now, I wouldn’t really need to. You know, I can update WordPress with an app on my phone? I kept a journal because I had dial-up back then. I couldn’t just update what I was doing when I was doing it. Technology is so cool.

Anyway. Mammoth Cave. We left late morning on Sunday, the 6th. James and I were packing until the wee hours of the morning because we had recently bought all this fresh fruit we intended to make jam with and never got around to doing it. So we did it after running around Saturday and didn’t even start packing until really late. So, we gave ourselves a little extra time to sleep before making the drive. We got there in the awkward “too late for lunch, too early for dinner” stage but we were  really hungry so we made our lunch before setting up our campsite. Then immediately after we were done, we had our dinner haha. We checked out the camp store, and did a little wondering around and ultimately decided to check out this little Ranger-led campfire story sort of thing. When we realized it was just an old ranger babbling about a poorly constructed Powerpoint presentation, we left. We had booked ourselves two cave tours for the following day and were tired from the drive so it wasn’t long before we turned in for the night.

Monday morning we went off to our first tour, The Violet City Lantern Tour. Now, if you’ve never been to Mammoth Cave I’m not gonna talk too much about what they showed on the tour. This was the best tour we took, so I’d highly recommend seeing it for yourself. They talked a lot about ancient history of the caves, and they also talked about 1816 tours and how they were back then. It was really the most fascinating tour, history wise! Lots of cool stuff! Later was the Focus on Frozen Niagra tour. They basically walk you through the Frozen Niagra tour which shows the most formations of any of the cave, but at the end you get to venture backwards and take photos using flash and tripods and whatever else. I didn’t get much, but it was cool to see.

Tuesday’s tour was actually not part of Mammoth Cave but is owned by the national park. It was the Great Onyx cave. And it had the most beautiful limestone formations and gypsum formations of anything that I saw that week. It was truly breathtaking.

Our last tour at the park was Wednesday and we took the longest one, the Grand Avenue tour. It really gave you a sense of how large Mammoth Cave is. I could have done without the tour, but I think I was all caved out by then.

Then we decided to look at the coupon book they gave us for other things we could do nearby, since we were tired of touring caves. What did we find, but another cave? They had a coupon for an underground boat tour, so we thought that sounded cool.  I really wanted go swimming so we also saved a coupon for a waterpark to go to sometime too.

Thursday we headed out to Bowling Green, KY to check out the Lost River cave’s underground boat tour. On the way, I was trying to find out Beach Bend’s hours so we can go check out the amusement park/ water park the next day. Turns out they were already on their fall schedule, so they wouldn’t be open Friday. And we were leaving Saturday. Well, when we got to Lost River we found out they weren’t giving tours that day because they were repairing their dam, so I was pretty upset that we couldn’t do any of the things we wanted to do. But they told us to come back tomorrow and gave us a couple ideas for other things we could do. We did a railpark museum and that turned out to be really cool, way more interesting than I thought it would be.

Friday we went back to Lost River and they were giving tours again. The tour itself was okay at best. But the fact there used to be an underground bar in the mouth of the cave was super interesting. They even restored the dance floor, which is beautiful. And nowadays, they hold events and weddings and stuff like that. So, we’re really trying to plan our wedding to be there! Really exciting!

Saturday afternoon we trudged back home and Sunday we did all our running around. Then it was back to the grind again.

So there you have it, my trip to Mammoth Cave. I’ve already posted photos, which you can check out here if you missed it.

I have a couple ideas for other blogs and some random week days off coming up. So hopefully I wont be slacking off.

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