My Pokémon Type

I might have you fooled by the title, I’m almost sure of it. This is more so about a moment of self discovery than it is about Pokemon. But Pokemon has a hand in it, that’s for sure.

I have been meaning to talk about this for months. Like, since ACEN, I have been brewing this topic. I’ve waited so long to actually do it, as usual, so here I am trying to remember what it was I was going to say. But I’m gonna do my best.  To be honest, I’m a bit appalled at myself for waiting so long to talk about such a moment of self discovery.

When my friends and I grew tired of walking the sales floor at ACEN we decided to check out the different panels and anime screenings the convention had to offer. One in particular caught my eye, of course. It was titled “What Pokemon type are you?”

So we went. This panel was very interesting – the person leading it had mapped out all the various personality types on the Myer-Briggs scale and assigned them to matching Pokemon types! It was so cool.
I honestly never looked to deep into it, I always kind of thought there was introvert and extrovert and I was an introvert and that was that. I didn’t realize that there was all these other things that come into play. I wish I took notes. I wish I even remembered what my “type” was. I know whatever it was corresponded with the bug/grass type (she had to combine a couple types. I’m sticking with grass). But I can’t remember which personality type I fell into anymore. (I think it was INFJ) The interesting thing was, once she had you place yourself into the personality type, she went on to describe each type individually and more in depth. So even though I was focusing on my own and waiting to hear about myself, I got to hear about each personality type. And besides my own, there was one other that sounded very like me. And she did mention earlier on that it’s possible to be two types, just like it’s possible for a Pokemon to be two types.
This post would be so much easier if I could remember any specifics. But all I think I can remember is the other type that sounded like it fit my life painfully well is that it fell under the extrovert category. Now like I said, I always classified myself as an introvert. But this panel really got me thinking about where my energy comes from.
I do like to spend time by myself to sort of recharge. Especially after a long hard day of dealing with a lot of people. BUT, what I realized, especially that weekend of being with friends constantly, is I feel very energized after spending time in a small group of friends. After ACEN and a wedding that same weekend I felt so incredibly energetic that it surprised me. But at the same time I wasn’t ready to go back to work because I wanted some time to myself.
I’ve noticed that more and more lately the best weekends are the ones where I spend one day with my friends and another day relaxing by myself.

It was that weekend that I really realized that while I may be an introvert, I’m also an extrovert. Maybe I hate bars, and unfamiliar parties, and awkward social obligations, but there’s no denying the energy I feel when I’ve had a great time with my close friends.
And that’s not weird. If a Pokemon can have two types, so can I.

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