Psuedo Room Tour: What’s on my Desk?

(Warning. This is long.)

I never really got around to doing an apartment tour, nor was I entirely sure I even wanted to do one. Our lease is up soon so we’ll be moving anyway, so I probably won’t. I did want to show off my desk, at least. I got a corner desk for Christmas right before we moved into the apartment and I’ve been turning into my perfect Editing Station. I think it turned out pretty nice, so I’m ready to show you! (In order to not make this post horrific and laggy – not that anyone is using dial up anymore, I’ll be using smaller files and they won’t be links to larger files)


Let’s start at the top. First up, the very top shelf above everything and right now that’s where I keep my shot glass collection and picture frames and various things like that. I think eventually Grizz and I will get a china cabinet for that stuff, so it won’t look so cluttered up there.


Right under it has two little cubbies, and you can kind of see them in the first picture but I’ve got a closer look at each of them. All the way to the left you can see a Hamtaro doll, a couple decks of cards, We Didn’t Playtest This At All (hilarious game), and UNO. Also, you can see my old DS which has Pokemon Fire Red in it currently. There’s also a laser pointer. Fun for cats.  AND my lovely new bluetooth speaker. It changes colors! It plays music! It’s rainbow music! I can’t even.


Then the next one over has a cute little tiger doll. Grizz got it for me not long after I had to get rid of a the giant tiger doll I had because of bed bugs. Also you can see my SLR camera. That is a Canon Rebel 2000, if you were wondering. I bought it secondhand for a class that ended up getting canceled. So I’ve not used it. But whenever I’m taking photos and I need something to represent a camera, it makes a good prop I guess. I don’t know, I can’t bring myself to get rid of it. Then there’s a box from Vanille Pastisserie. Whatever I ordered to-go from there came in that box. And it’s not your typical to-go box, it’s kind of high class. I figured it would come in handy so I kept it, and this post is now making me sound like a pack-rat. I actually keep my checks in that box, so that’s why it’s up there though. On top is a cute little camera, and it used to be one of those photo-holders. Tarara gave me a set of 3 for my birthday and they are super cute, but that one broke. So now it’s just an adorable decoration. (sorry the tiger is out of focus, evidently I forgot the basics of photography.)


Now, lets’ move to the cabinet. I keep a cute little puppy keychain and a TARDIS hanging from there. And when you open it, you can see I have my art supplies in there. I have a few sketchbooks there and a little basket filled with drawing pencils, colored pencils, erasers, sharpeners, markers I think, and whatever other various art supplies.  There’s also one of those little folding fans. I think my sister picked that out for me on vacation.




Since we’re still at the top let me move over to this little collection of hanging things. I didn’t get close enough so it may be hard to see what’s on there. BUT. I have a dream catcher, I think my mom got it for me for Christmas one year. There’s a couple Mardi Gras beads. Don’t even remember what they’re from. A little rubber bat. If you looked around my entire room those things are EVERYWHERE. I bought a bag of them one year and you can find them on pretty much any surface I can physically hang them from. I have a couple dog tags, those are from Mandy, the sweet wonderful dog my family had when I was growing up. I have a super cool Toothless necklace that Tarara got me.  An adorable little camera necklace Tiffles gave me when I got my new job. There’s a little fairy dust necklace up there, I think I got it on a family trip to the zoo or something as a kid. Some weird Aflac duck, and honestly I don’t know why I have that. Last but not least, I have two halves of a pokeball “best friends” necklace. I have a complete set because I gave those to all my bridesmaids and no matter which half any of them have, I have the other half.


Right next to that, I have my Pirates of the Caribbean cup holding various pens and sharpies and whatever else. This sits on top of a little mini tote drawer thing, filled with sticky notes, memory cards, and DS games. The cup came from the dice game they play in the movie, I think they were selling these at the Disney Store or something a long time ago. I never figured out how to play, but I have those cups still. One holds the keys to our storage closet, one holds my makeup brushes, and the last one is a toothbrush holder. The die are in my D&D die bag.


So now, I’m going all the way to the other end of my desk. And actually, that’s a bit of a lie because not pictured next to it is one of the aforementioned camera photo holders with some pictures in it. But this is my laptop. It’s some Gateway laptop and it’s super old. You can see one of my external hard drives which is dedicated to photos so they wouldn’t take up room on my computer.  So that one is always plugged in when I edit. Usually my editing station looks like this: Lightroom open on my laptop for smaller and quicker edits AND



Photoshop open on my main monitor for more up close and in depth edits. The monitor is Asus brand and was gift from Grizz.


The speakers are from Logitech. They are a great set of speakers for a great price. Right under my monitro you can see my Toothless doll (gift from Barry) and my mp3 player. That is a Samsung Galaxy player, Android’s only “smart” mp3 player. I love it and unfortunately they’ve discontinued the line so they won’t be making any up to date versions. That’s super annoying because whenever this one craps out, I’d like to get one that’s newer and has a more recent version of Android. (and no, I’m not getting an iPod) But I think I’ll find just an older Android phone and dedicated it as a media player in the future. I love the one I have for now.



And now we’re down to the keyboard. It’s dirty and I should have cleaned it before photographing it. But there it is. It came with a mouse as well. It’s Logitech, it’s wireless, it’s not glamorous, but it works, and it works well. I even accidentally washed the USB receiver for it some time ago. It’s still going strong. My tablet I keep nearby while I’m editing photos, in case there’s something in Photoshop I want to do but can’t remember/don’t know how to do. Oh, Internet. You’re the best. Why’d I waste all those college dollas? Oh, the tablet by the way, is the Samsung Galaxy Tab A. Great tablet, I would definitely recommend it. That was another gift from Grizz. He spoils me…


And then here’s my printer. It is meant to be a photo printer. This one is the Canon MG6620. It prints photos fast, and it prints them well. The printer itself is actually not too expensive too. I would absolutely recommend it if you’re looking for one. Obviously if you’re printing for clients all the time you should outsource your prints. But this is fabulous if you want to print photos for yourself, or if you are just starting out and you only take on a few clients.



And this is what it all looks like together!



So that’s what my desk looks like. And that was a lot of typing. I was gonna do one of these tours for my dresser, but I don’t know. I think next time I do any tour it’ll be a full one when we move, and it MIGHT be a video one. I don’t know if I’m ready for that life. But. If you follow me on Twitter you know there’s something secret that is in the works but I can’t really talk about it until I know for sure what’s going on. Not can’t, just don’t really want to. It does have something to do with the fact that we’re moving. Anyway, that’s a whole other thing. And I’ll talk about soon, no matter which direction it heads. Until then, hope you like my desk. What does your desk look like?

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