DIY: Floppy Disk Coasters


So, for the longest time Grizz and I didn’t have coasters for our dining table or coffee table.

Then one day I went to a yard sale, and a lady was selling a pack of colorful floppy disks. Since no one uses floppy disks anymore, she told people they were coasters. I found this hilarious, because I am a total dork. So, I bought them with the specific intention to use them as coasters.

If you ever happen upon some unwanted floppy disks, or unwanted objects of a flat persuasion that interest you… I’m going to show you how we turned them into coasters. And it’s so easy it will blow your mind.

Step one. Get unwanted floppy disk. Or other unwanted object of a flat persuasion.


Step two. Get little rubber stickers. I don’t know what store would sell something like these. But we got them on Amazon.


Step three. Put little rubber stickers on whatever you decide is the bottom four corners of the unwanted floppy disk/unwanted object of a flat persuasion.


Step… no wait. There’s no more steps. That’s it. That’s all it took. And now you have awesome coasters that will have all your friends asking “wait… are these floppy disks?”


Yes. Yes they are.

Also, to clean, wipe it with a damp cloth or paper towel. I wouldn’t recommend submerging it. No, not at all.

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