Maybelline: The Rock Nudes

So, this is the first time ever that I’ve snagged something new. I don’t really follow that much makeup, meaning I never really wait til something comes out and buy it right away. But I saw this was coming out on Instagram and since it was a drugstore product, I knew I could treat myself a little bit. And I knew I would really like it, because I have something in the same line already.
It’s the Maybelline “The Rock Nudes” eyeshadow palette. You remember when I talked about The Brights?

All of the things I said about The Brights still ring true for this one.  The color pay-off is great, even better with a good primer. The colors are absolutely perfect. As I mention in the other review, I like to wear nude colors for work because it feels more natural and just gives me that nice awake look. It’s not that I didn’t have nude colors in my collection, it’s actually the shimmery blue and shimmery silver that drew me to this palette. I wanted it to create a smokey NYE look. I couldn’t find it in time for that, but I know I can use it for other things. But as for the rest, I can always use more nudes since I use them every day, more often than not really, and this really bumps up the different looks I can create!

So, it was definitely worth the chase. I know, it’s a little silly that I consider something like this splurgy, but my makeup budget is quite small.  If nude/neutral is your thing I would definitely recommend it!

I know it’s not that in-depth but hopefully that’s helpful if you were mulling it over. ^_^

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As for general blogging, I will still be putting together my wig collection like I’ve been promising. I just picked up P!nk’s CD “The Truth About Love” so I may do a Tune Talk again soon. And the “secret” thing is still pretty complicated so it may be awhile before it’s a thing, but I will talk about it as soon as I can.
My winter break is over so work starts back up for me tomorrow, so blogging will go back to being sporadic again. But I resolved to be better about that this year so I will try to post something new at least every two weeks.



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