A New Adventure

I had a whole post typed out about this, just waiting. Waiting til the right time to be published. But I decided not to publish it, because by the time it will be the right time, I’ll have added to it so much that it will be just too long.

I have a couple things to blog about soon. And I may try and find some time to pre-write and schedule them to come out sporadically throughout the next couple weeks.

Here’s why.

Long story short, the thing that I’ve been saying is in the works is that we’re trying to buy a house. We ended up finding one that is perfect for us, but it’s a short sale. We’ve gotten approval from the seller and verbal approval from the bank, we’ve gotten the inspection done, we’re so close to the end of the road here. But, as most short sales go, we’re stuck waiting.
We didn’t want to keep stringing our roommate along so we told her to go ahead and find something. Since rent will be a little too high for us on our own, we’re gonna move somewhere cheaper. But the sucky thing is that we’re gonna be moving twice. We don’t know how long after the first move it will be, but it’ll happen.
It is what it is.

So it’s time to start packing and all that, which will be taking up a lot of my time for the next few weeks.

I have some cool photos to post, (I didn’t take them but my friend did) I have some gaming things to talk about, and I have a few food things to talk about as well. So I’ll be trying to make those posts and schedule them to come out automatically over this time.

So that’s what’s new here, I’ll update when we move into our pre-home home.



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