Photo Diary: This Heart

This week Grizz challenged me to use selective color (something that is very outdated and often used poorly) to tell a story. While I failed to get my point across I still ended up with something I’m pretty happy with so I decided to share.


I’d like to thank my sister for the assist with this, it was a lot of me setting up the shot and having her take the photo over and over again until it was right. I ended up with a couple other ones but I like this one the most. For some reason I’m having a hard time articulating this one… so I’m just gonna leave you to feel whatever you feel about it.

A lot of the time I’m so consumed with my day job that I don’t take the time to shoot or edit for me, so it’s nice to have Grizz challenge me to do something. Plus Phlearn on Instagram has a contest every week so if I feel inspired by it I try to enter.

Thanks for reading. If you liked my post hit follow to geek out with me every week! And you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram at softlysaturated!

 P.S. I have a couple ideas in the works for posts, it just may be a bit before I get to them. And I did not forget about my wig collection. I’m just slowly collecting photos of them instead of actively trying to shoot it. And my birthday is coming up, so who knows I may get more. Thinking about a photo tutorial of my rainbow eyeshadow look also.



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