Photo Diary – Bisexual Visibility Day

Hey everyone, I know this is a few days late. I didn’t really have time to post/I also didn’t want to spam posts constantly all weekend. Today I’m posting the one photo that I skipped a couple weeks ago, the theme being “You”. I’m not really sure what happened to it, something in syncing this photo messed it up? I had a different thing in mind but it failed, so I ended up using this one. I felt that it would go hand in hand with the next one I’m posting. Saturday was Bisexual Visibility day. I decided to post an overlay I created over the photo of me from before because I am bisexual. I wanted to share a little of my coming out story to demonstrate why Bi Visibility is so important. I didn’t really know I was bisexual until over the past like year or so,maybe longer. In fact, I don’t necessarily think I always have been, even though I probably have been for longer than I’ve realized. Because of the fact that I felt I wasn’t “born this way” I didn’t feel like a valid member of the LGBT community. Like, maybe I was going through a phase or something. It took a lot of soul searching and lot of reading on bi communities before I was comfortable saying it out loud. It took awhile for me to realize that sexuality is fluid. Just because I never thought of women in that way in the past doesn’t change what I feel right now. Before I figured all that out, I was afraid to say I was bi because I was afraid I wouldn’t be taken seriously by either gay or straight or otherwise people. While I’ve yet to actually encounter that, I know that bi erasure is a problem in the LGBT community, and that’s not okay. So I’m just here to say if you are bi or pan or otherwise, you are real, you are valid, and you do matter. Love you. ♥


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