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Some Updates

Well friends, I’m back. For now anyway. If you’ve been around for awhile you might have noticed some things have changed around here.

I made an update to the About me page, but I’m going to go ahead and copy it here because I feel like it explains a lot. This page is getting a makeover, but if beer and beauty are not your thing and you were just here for my photos, don’t worry you can still find them here.

So anyway, here’s what’s up:

 “I created this blog because I’ve always loved blogging, but I can never settle on a subject to write about.

For awhile, this was a place for me to upload photos because my passion is photography. Well, it was. Not saying I don’t love it still, but now that it’s my job, it no longer feels like a hobby.

So, I still wanted to write about something I’m passionate about. And that’s beauty! Or… beer! Or how about both! That’s right, I’ve decided to combine my love of  both beauty and beer, and hopefully it becomes something worth sharing. I can’t guarantee I’ll update every week, but I’m planning to update every time I check out a new brewery or I find something in the beauty world worth mentioning. I’m looking forward to revamping this blog, and hopefully falling in love with blogging again.

I hope you enjoy! Cheers!
♥ Jessa”

By Why This Is (More or Less) a Beauty Blog

When I started blogging, way back when, I started for many reasons. I used to be an aspiring web designer, so it was another way to be connected to the internet. I suffered from anxiety problems and I wanted a way to vent once in awhile. Many of my real life friends didn’t follow my blogs, so it was a nice way to talk about things I didn’t want to bother my friends with. 

While I still struggle with issues with anxiety, my days of posting anything and everything about my life are over. There’s something to be said about venting to strangers, but at the end of the day, that’s not me anymore. 

It’s probably a good thing. I used to be an extremely negative person. I’ve come a long way since then. Now, when I blog, I just like to share things I’ve found or that I like. But I’ve noticed that I tend to post a lot about beauty on here. I don’t know who I have as followers at this point, hell, I don’t know if anyone even comes back to read my posts. And that’s fine. I am still going to blog, because I like it and I’ve always liked it. It’s not about collecting followers to me, I’d probably still blog if no one read it. 

But if you want to know why it’s very beauty heavy these days- here’s why. Makeup has without a doubt become my hobby. When my hobby, photography became my day job, it became less and less a hobby every day. I tried to avoid it at first. I tried to do a photo diary so I could still work on my own personal photos outside of work. I’m not saying I hate it now, because that’s not true at all. I still LOVE photography. Nothing compares to the overwhelming feeling of pride and happiness I feel when I create a photograph from start to finish. From the concept to the final edited product. And I probably will once in awhile get the urge to create a piece. But plain and simple, it doesn’t feel like a hobby anymore. I never wanted that to happen, but it’s okay that it did. I love what I do, I just don’t always enjoy doing it “just for fun” anymore. 

What do I like to do for fun? Watch makeup videos. Practicing different looks. Practicing different techniques. I love the versatility of makeup; how I can do a subtle look one day and turn around the next day and do a full glam look if I want. I’ve gotten better over the past few years and it’s just fun for me.

I’ve stopped doing my makeup every morning for work, but sometimes if I have the day off I’ll do a makeup look even if I’m not going anywhere. In fact, if I’m not going anywhere it’s the perfect time to practice something new! 

I love blogging. I love makeup. I love blogging about makeup. I’ll still stand by the fact that this blog will just be about whatever I feel like talking about from makeup to gaming to photography to music… But most days, I feel like talking about makeup. 

So that’s why you’ve seen a lot of “beauty guru Jessa” over the past few months. She’s probably here to stay, at least for awhile. 

I’m not sure why I felt the need to make a whole post about this? I don’t know, I just haven’t written in awhile and I wanted to, I guess.

What would you like to see more of on here? Do you care? 😁 

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Announcement: Photo Site Live

After a year in the making I’ve actually managed to pull together my photography site! All sessions I do in the future will be accessible through there. I’ll continue to post Photo Diaries on here, but most galleries will be posted on there.

Check out the site. 

When I do get my home studio up and running, that site will also be the way to book sessions with me. I’m not offering them yet, however I am offering editing. So, if you are a professional photographer, you can send me a request here  and I’ll email you more details. I don’t know how many photographers actually like to outsource their editing, but I personally love to edit pictures!


Life Update, Blog Agenda

I think every once in awhile, I just need to do one of these so ya’ll know I’m alive. I know I just spewed out a post a few days ago, and I do have a few more in the works. So I’ll talk a little bit about the plan there. I feel like every so often I just wanna talk about what’s new with me. I try not to do these too often, as my old blog was over-filled with crap like that.

Work’s been keeping me as busy as a bee since summer, which is fantastic. I completed my first year doing underclass photography and other things like sports, dances, commencements, and communions which meant I could finally move on to senior photography. I can’t tell you  how much I’ve learned in a month’s span – it’s insane. I learned so much about lighting, posing, settings, and just straight up human interaction. It’s been a blast. Moving on from the factory made, cookie cutter school photography to a full on senior studio session has been a real eye opener and a game changer! I loved my job to start with, but this summer – fall, I’ve felt like a REAL photographer and I couldn’t be happier. While fall was in full swing, my schedule had been pretty hectic so off course I fell off the grid a little. With all that going on, Grizz and I haven’t even done much in the way of wedding planning. We’ve got some time since we’re shooting for June 2017, but still we’ve gotta get a move on with that.

But all the while, I’d have ideas for blogs buzzing in my brain. Anytime I came up with an idea I saved a draft of it so I would remember what it was.

Now I have a few things queued up for when our winter break comes into play.

I’ve been meaning to do another CD review since I got the latest from Breaking Benjamin, I’ve talked a little bit about doing a photo tour of my desk and possibly my dresser. I don’t know if people would be more interested in a room tour or apartment tour altogether, but I think I could do that instead. I haven’t really decided there, because we’d have to do some cleaning. Maybe at least a room tour? I don’t know.

Then there was  the time Grizz and I made coasters using yard sale floppy disks and little rubber feet. That’s pretty much all there is to it, but I figured I’d share some photos.
Then, I really want to do a wig collection post, but I figured I’d do that after Christmas, in case I get any more wigs as a gift.

Also, awhile back I talked about a D&D inspired photo project. I still really want to do that but I think it’s gonna take a lot of work and I probably won’t do anything with it until Spring since I need some good weather. Maybe a couple of them could be done in the winter. At any rate, that process is going to take a while.

On another note, Grizz has been wanting to make a cooking channel on YouTube, so I think we’re going to work on that as well. And of course I’ll be posting them up on here.

On top of all that, we’re gonna be moving. Our lease is up at the end of January, and we decided that it’s time to move out on our own now that we’re engaged. We really want to have our own place and our own life, so we’ll be looking hard core pretty soon.

So that’s pretty much what’s going on and that’s the plan for future posts. I’ll have a little bit of downtime to work on a few projects, and that’s what I’ll do.

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Upcoming Photo Project

As some of you might know, I’ve played quite a bit of D&D over the past few years. I haven’t played in awhile, but from time to time I miss it a great deal. I often think of the awesome group of friends I’ve acquired just through playing, and the great times we’ve had – all the laughs, all the witty comments, all the memorable moments that still come up to this day and I miss my old characters.

I’ve been toying with the idea of bringing them to life. All my past characters brought to life in art format. How awesome would that be?

I am gonna make it happen. I’ve been desperately sorting through my old notes and sheets trying to find as many descriptions as I can. So far, I’ve come up short, unfortunately. But I can remember most of their names and at least what role they’ve played. So it’s a matter of seeing if other people have some notes and hopefully I don’t have to make up their appearances now. There are 2 characters that are not actually from a game, but I would not be opposed to playing them in one if it fits.

I’m going to list them here and probably update them as I find more information – or even do full posts as maybe a story or something on here.

Trying to go in the order of creation here… but we’ll see.

Sabriina (I didn’t ever give her a last name and yes it’s spelled with two “i”s on purpose) – She is the first character I ever created because I played her in the first D&D game I’ve ever played. She was a woodsman in a Wheel of Time campaign, so I named her after my favorite World of Warcraft character, which was a hunter. I unfortunately did not write down a description of her anywhere, but I know I gave her one. I want to say she had long dark brown hair that she kept in a braid, and I know eventually she had yellow eyes towards the end of the game. That part will probably not be a part of the photos since I have another character with yellow eyes and it’s more important to showcase that for her than for this one. I have no idea what her original eye color was though.

Ava Marie Hjordan – She is probably one of my favorite characters to date. Bringing her portrait to life is going to be a fun challenge too because she has the ability to communicate with, emphasize with, and manipulate technology and it is extremely important to me that I portray that.  This game was a Heroes inspired World of Darkness campaign that had a fantastic role-playing group. I had the most fun playing this character just because of the interactions with her and the rest of the party. I did not write anything down about her appearance either. But luckily our DM for this game always wrote down great notes, so if anyone can find something about her, it’s him. I do remember some things that will help. A very modern wardrobe and she wore a necklace with her mothers wedding ring.

Lydia Scheherazade – I honestly can’t remember anything about her other than she was a druid who hated socializing with people. If I can’t dig anything up about her, I probably won’t portray her at all. I can’t even remember what game she was in. Maybe Davey’s game?

Liliana Catrin (She Who Has Claws of Fire) – Someone I took decent notes on! She was in another Wheel of Time game, this one being completely stat-less. She had very long, pale blonde hair and originally bright green eyes. Since she was a Wolf Brother, she had yellow eyes throughout most of the game. She was also a channelor, so she was basically bad-ass. She’s been through some stuff. From being controlled into thinking she was a 7 year old girl, to her best friend in game, Many Teeth being killed – yeah. She was crazy powerful.

Jessamine Eloise Mason – Not a D&D character, really. More of a character from a story I came up with.  I played her briefly in a game until I realized she wasn’t becoming what I had intended for her to. She’s always been meant to be kind of an alter ego of myself. Her hair will probably be a wavy black with bright colors added and most likely she will have gray eyes, or really bright blue. I haven’t really put much thought into what her style would be otherwise. Probably more of a pastel goth style than what I would normally do.

Iris Salanth of the Red –  She is not a D&D character either. Actually, she is my Renaissance Faire character. I decided to name and create a backstory for her since I dress up as her every year. I thought of it the other day when I created this photo. And that’s probably how this whole idea for this project got started, to be honest. That photo is not going to be what I do for this character though. I will be wearing the full costume, including (most importantly) the baby dragon. And the eyes are probably just going to be the brown and not the blue. The red wig is a part of it though, I decided. If the opportunity to play a dragon tamer in a game arises, I will most definitely be playing her.

I think that was all my characters. I cannot wait to get started on this, I’m so excited. I haven’t had the idea to create a series in a really long time. Probably not since my song titles one for a class.(Which I really want to recreate, by the way)
Right now I’m still in the planning stages. I’m attempting to gather all the information I needed, and then I will be buying everything I need. I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to post each one as I do them or wait until the series is finished.

So, now you know what I’ll be up to for awhile.

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Some News And Things

I’m posting a photo shoot later in a few minutes, but I wanted to pop in to say hello to my readers and to talk about a few blog housekeeping things. I know, super boring.

I’ve been super busy with work! My company is doing a lot of stuff to tie up the end of this school year. So there’s a lot of proms, spring and grads, retakes, communions, candids, etc coming up. On the side, Miss Dolce Vita and I have been teaming up to try and launch our side business. So we’ve recently had a boudoir shoot for an old friend of ours. I’ve spent some time editing and uploading those. And Katie (Dolce Vita) is competing in a pin up competition, so I’ve been working diligently on promotional photos for her.

So, once again, I’ve been kind of neglecting the blog. Trust me though, if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you’ll get snippets of my daily life. I’d highly recommend it.

Since I really do enjoy blogging about everyday things, or makeup or whatever else I’m going to be keeping this blog. However I’ll be trying to keep my more boudoir/lingerie/risque stuff separate from this. I am working on another blog solely for my clients to view their photos and download from there. When that goes live, I’ll be sharing it with you guys! Bear in mind these will be more PG-13 photos.

I’ll still be posting Photo Diary stuff here, and more tame sessions.

And stay tuned, because I am in the process of posting my latest pin-up session with Katie for Miss Motoblot!

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