Battle of the Liquid Lips

Hey friends!

I know I disappeared again. Let’s not talk about it.

Over the summer, I talked about these lip colors from Wet N Wild. I did swatches and reviews of each color that I had. You might know, that liquid lipsticks became a game changer in my makeup life. Before then I didn’t wear lipstick because I had the tendency to rub my lips together and rub them off very quickly. Since then, I have tripled my lipstick collection and I wanted to talk about the other ones I got and how they compare to the Megalast Liquid Lips.

For awhile I was content with my six shades I had until… I saw an Instagram video of the Wet N Wild Megalast Liquid Catsuits. The colors available were so stunning that I was on a hunt for them. I ended up with another six shades when all was said and done.

Since I’m being as lazy as humanly possible doing this post, above is the my collection from that line. I have Nudie Patootie, Rebel Rose, Pink Really Hard, Coral Corruption, Give Me Mocha, and Goth Topic. As it says in my pictured Instagram post, I don’t like Nudie Patootie. It doesn’t work with my skin tone. I’m pale so this color just makes me look like a corpse. I love all the other colors though.

So, if you recall I mentioned the Megalasts are definitely long-wearing. However, if you do need to reapply, you  need to be very careful as they do get clumpy. But they don’t transfer and they don’t fade quickly so you may not even need to.

Well. The Catsuits work a bit differently. I will say this. They are not as long-wearing even though they’re technically part of the MegaLast line. They’ll last for awhile but they do fade, and their weakness is totally food and drink. The trade-off here is that they reapply really well. When you go to touch them up, they don’t go on clumpy and they’re nice and even. I almost kind of prefer that. Not sure why. The color selection is this line is amazing too. There’s a good range of color between nude to bold to choose from. I think they are only a dollar more than the original Megalasts which still puts them around $4.

Next up, I really wanted to try the liquid lips by ColorPop. I found a mini set of the Ultra Matte Lips called “Foxy” for $18. If I’m being completely honest, I would not buy a mini box set again because they are really tiny for what you pay. Especially considering a full sized one is like $5 (maybe 6?) so you might as well just buy the full sized ones. The set came with 5 mini Ultra Matte Lips.

I have Clueless, Tulle, Creeper, More Better, and Beeper, as it says above. All of them are really pretty colors. But I think Tulle is pretty close to Give Me Mocha from the Catsuits so I usually reach for Give Me Mocha instead. I love Clueless as a natural lip and I would totally buy the full size if I run out. The minis are difficult to work with because the wand is so small. I added all of these to my “emergency makeup kit” which is the upside of having the minis. More Better is really unique, and is what drew me to the set to begin with. I would definitely look into getting more of these in the future, maybe not right now. The formula seems to have the best of both worlds from my two different Wet N Wild ones. They’re quite long-wearing, but they also reapply smoothly. Some colors passed the kiss transfer test and some didn’t, I don’t really remember which ones were which.

And now it’s time for me to disappear into the night for another two months. I mean, I’m really going to try not to, but we all know I will.

What’s your favorite affordable liquid lipstick?

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The Elusive Wet N Wild Rainbow Highlight

Hey! Hello! I’m trying to do the blogging thing now that I’m not working, but with the holidays coming up (and the fact that we’re hosting 3 of 4 parties) it’s been hard to do/come up with stuff.

I was going to do this differently. There were going to be swatches. But I think it might be difficult to do. Now instead, it’s just a quick review. Well anyway.

Remember on Instagram when everyone was going crazy for the rainbow highlight? There were videos of people dipping it into their brushes and then you can see the rainbow powder on your brush? Yeah, those. They were magical. They were impossible to acquire. They were expensive. Well, Wet N Wild Beauty jumped on that cash train and made their own. I see after another Instagram search that many brands are creating their own. That’s really cool.
But one super awesome thing about Wet N Wild is their price point. Beauty on a budget is my game and they’re the best at it, in my opinion. So their rainbow highlight is a whopping $5.

It’s no wonder these FLEW off the virtual shelf. That’s right, an online exclusive. Every time they updated their Instagram to say they were back in stock, they’d be gone by the time I got to it. So it took awhile but I finally snagged it.

I wanted to give this a fair shot before I came on here to review it, because it wasn’t all that impressive at first. So I’ve worn it a few times. So I think I have a nice fair opinion of it now. I’ve worn it on my bare skin, I’ve worn it with a primer, I’ve worn it with foundation.

I will say this much, if you are expecting this to be “BAM, rainbow on my face!” you will be disappointed. I’ll admit, I was at first. But if you really think about the practicality of wearing a straight up rainbow on your face, it’s probably a good thing.  My goal in life is to be a rainbow, so I guess I forget sometimes that you can’t walk around with a rainbow on your cheekbones. Anyway, if you dig deep enough you can do that cool thing with the rainbow powder on your brush. But you probably don’t want to dig around in your highlight for days.

Now as a highlight itself, this is a really great product. I’ve always heard good things about their color icon blushes and highlights and this lives up to it. So, girl, if you want your highlight to be seen from the heavens, this will do it. If you want a subtle rainbow pigment to your highlight,  you can make it happen but it requires digging and scraping, and that’s just too much.

But overall, I give it two thumbs up. It definitely works well as bright highlight, so if you wanna glow it will do the trick for sure. If you want to be a rainbow, I’d look at other options.

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So yeah. If I don’t post before then (which I probably won’t let’s be real, I’m the worst) have a safe and happy holiday!

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Updated Brush Washing Routine

A couple years back I discovered the best way to wash my makeup brushes so I started getting into the habit of cleaning them on a regular basis. Since then, I’ve learned new things and I’ve updated my routine.

Now it’s even easier than before. So I decided to make this post to show you my new and improved routine.

As you can see here, I collect all my brushes that are on deck to be washed in this separate cup so I know which ones I was planning to wash.Brushes-1

First step is to take a little bit of baby shampoo and deposit it into a small dish. Brushes-2I got this plastic one for like 70 cents at Target. Brushes-3I have baby shampoo because it’s gentle for washing synthetic wigs and hair extensions, so I figure it would be just fine for synthetic brushes as well. (All of mine are cheap, synthetic brushes, I don’t buy anything expensive when it comes to makeup) I find that baby shampoo is much milder on the brushes and still gets them clean, so I no longer need to use a dish soap and olive oil.

Then, I wet the brush of choice and dip it into the dish.Brushes-4Brushes-5

Next, I take this super nifty brush egg and use it to scrub the dirt and makeup off. This thing is so cool. KathleenLights  mentioned this thing in her brush washing routine and I can’t believe how awesome it is. I got it on Amazon for less than a dollar, although I think it’s gone up since then. But even still, a couple of bucks for something so useful. It’s like a little wash board for your brush. It really helps get a nice deep clean very quickly.


Obviously I can’t do this one-handed. I was shooting this by myself so I had to take it like this.

Then, I rinse them off. Here’s the really helpful thing about this brush egg: I had a lot of trouble with not rinsing some of my brushes properly. I’ll come back to check on them in a few hours and realize I’ve left a lot of suds on there. And this really helps with that because you can keep scrubbing under the running water until it comes back with no suds. Then you know it’s finally rinsed! Brushes-7

When they’re all done I put these brush guards over them, leaving a couple inches of room so they can be dried upside down in the cup. I got mine at Icing in the mall, but I see they’re also on Amazon, so I’d suggest getting them from there. Icing always overcharges for stuff.Brushes-9

So I leave them upside down for awhile and I check on them later. If they’re pretty dry I’ll put them back with the others!Brushes-10

Since changing my routine, I’ve saved a lot of time and therefore have started cleaning them as often as I should and I’ve cut down on wasting paper plates, red solo cups, paper towels, and olive oil. And all the things I use can be stored together very neatly. Brushes-12

How often do you wash your brushes? What brush cleaning technique changed your routine?

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Wet n Wild MegaLast Liquid Lip Color Review + Swatches

Alright, I don’t think I’ve done anything like this on my blog but I’ve been getting a little more into lip products so I thought I’d talk about a recent discovery here.

As I was wandering around CVS one day, picking up a last minute wedding card (last minute, story of my life) I came across the Wet n Wild MegaLast Liquid Lip Color. The lipsticks I use are by Wet n Wild and I’ve always thought they were just okay. I mean, they were good for being 99 cents, but they really didn’t last long. Especially for me, since I have a bad habit of rubbing my lips together and biting them a lot. For that reason, I don’t really wear lipstick all that much anyway.  But I saw these and remembered hearing pretty good things about them. And they were on sale. So I grabbed a couple. Apparently they’re not really found anywhere other than CVS, at least not as far as I’ve been able to tell. Since I don’t really frequent CVS, that’s probably why I’ve never seen them before.

I am obsessed. I’m sure that there’s better ones out there but those were the ones I wanted to try since the price point is phenomenal. And I love them! I now have six shades so those are the ones I’m going to talk about. I went with a pretty decent range of colors, so I don’t necessarily see the need to get any more just yet, but who knows. It’s not like they’re terribly expensive. But these are the ones I have right now so they’re the ones I’ll swatch and talk about.

First off, let me just talk about them as a group. The application is just like a lip gloss, which might turn most people away but I like it. It actually gives me more control. It feels really glossy at first but it dries pretty quickly and then it looks beautiful! The only problem I’ve had so far is when you try to touch them up they can get kind of clumpy. You really have to work it out and be careful.  Other than that, they last a long time without having to touch them up, and they don’t smudge off. I was super excited when I gave Grizz a big kiss on the cheek and it didn’t rub off!

So next, the shades.

First up is “Raisin the Roof.” Megalast-2

This one is my darkest shade and it has a slight shimmer to it. It looks like a dark red in the tube, but I guess by the title it’s supposed to be like a raisin color, so maybe a dark purple? That’s not really what it looks like to me when I wear it, but it does show through in the swatch.  I really like this one. I was going for a rock star look last weekend so I paired it with a deep smokey eye and it looked stunning!


The next one is “Cherry on Top”Megalast-4

and as you could probably guess, it’s a bright cherry red. It’s definitely one that’s only good with specific looks, but it’s really pretty.Megalast-5

Next, I got “Red My Mind”Megalast-6

because I really love to do a very natural face with a classic red lip once in awhile.  Something about it looks really fresh and classic. There’s nothing much to say about this shade other than it’s perfect for that. The swatches of “Cherry on Top” and “Red My Mind” look pretty similar, but “Cherry on Top” is definitely more vibrant on my lip.  “Red My Mind” just looks way more classic. Megalast-7

Now for my favorite, “Pocketful of Roses.”Megalast-8

This one is just a very nice pink. It’s not a nude or natural sort of pink, it has a little bit of a pop but it’s still super subtle. I actually ended up wearing this one to the wedding I was talking about. And for most makeup looks, I find myself reaching for that one the most because it’s just so perfect for almost everything.Megalast-9

Okay, so on to “Click on My Hyperpink”Megalast-10

This is a really bold pink, really bold. I think it’s just something nice to have in the collection in case you want a bold look. The swatch and the tube color remind me of “Pink Ice” from their dollar collection which was my favorite shade from there, but when I wear it on my lip it is WAY more bold. I’ll probably save this for a super specific occasion, it’s honestly a bit much.



This one is “Pink Perfection”Megalast-12

and it’s a very nude pink. It’s very, very sheer and has a nice shimmer to it. I really like this when I want a bold eye look so I don’t want my lips to be doing too much. This is definitely something that can be used for a nice every day look as well.Megalast-13

All in all, I find these to be wonderful for the price point, which I believe was around $3 a tube, maybe less. They were buy 2 get 1 free at CVS when I first picked them up which really made them worth it for me. I think some shades are a little harder to work with than others, so I will say to watch out for that. Like, when I was saying they can get kind of clumpy when you reapply, I feel that was more true for “Pink Perfection” and “Click On My Hyperpink” than the others. I’m not sure why that is. I feel that may be a dealbreaker for some people but it didn’t really bother me, it just meant I had to take an extra second to make sure I smooth it out nicely. So, despite all that, this was actually a game changer in my makeup routine because it really made me want to actually wear lip color!

Do you have these Megalast Liquid Lipsticks? What’s your favorite shade? What’s one makeup item that completely changed the game for you?

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Camping “Beauty” Essentials

Once in awhile I like to unplug for a weekend and go camping. I wouldn’t say I “rough it” but I’m not sleeping in a portable house either. Something about day drinking in the woods, sitting around the campfire with some tunes in the background, and just being with friends and family for a weekend feels like a little mini vacation without spending too much money.

Now, I love makeup but I’m not the type of girl that can’t be caught dead without. When I go camping, I’m not concerned about my appearance, I just want to be comfortable. But that doesn’t mean I completely abandon my routine. I have a travel bag all made up that’s ready to grab and go whenever I’m going somewhere. Now, I’m going to show you everything that’s in there, but that doesn’t mean I use it all when I go camping for a weekend trip.


Let’s get into the the products!


Rusk 12 in 1 TreatmentIMG_9626

This is something I make sure to have in my kit just in case. I hate the way my hair feels after I get it wet but don’t condition it. So, this is a must have for me in case I go swimming wherever I am.






IMG_9621Redken Pillow Proof Dry Shampoo

Usually when I’m just taking a weekend trip, I wash my hair right before I leave and then I wash it whenever I get back. But just in case I get extra sweaty or greasy, I keep this  handy little guy with me.







IMG_9630Hair Brush and Hair Ties

Even though I’m camping, I still gotta brush my hair. And it’s super important to me to keep my hair off my neck so I don’t feel too hot. I love these ribbon hair ties because they’re gentle on my hair and they look like a cute bracelet when I put them on my wrist if they’re not in use!





IMG_9620Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Scrub

It may not be my normal face wash but it’s something. I just like to start my day by washing my face and when I’m camping that’s no exception!







IMG_9619Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer

Actually, I’m not dead set that it has to be this particular moisturizer, just something with SPF. It’s very important when I’m spending a lot of time in the sun to keep my face (and the rest of my skin for that matter) protected. I use a moisturizer as opposed to sunscreen on my face because it feels a lot better. Less greasy, and nice and smoothing.






IMG_9618Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes

Okay, so these are in there as a travel essential, and not a camping essential since I don’t wear makeup camping. But there’s no point in taking them out just because I’m not going to need them. And if I do happen to get my face extra dirty, they’re still good to have in this case!




General Hygiene

IMG_9628Gotta have my toothbrush, some mouthwash, toothpaste and deodorant, no matter what!






IMG_9629If I’m on a weekend camping trip, I will shower, wash my hair, and shave before I leave and I’ll be just fine waiting until I get back to do so again. But if it’s a longer trip, I will definitely need these. I have my travel shampoo and conditioner, my little baby Bath and Body Works body gel, and a travel razor.

No shaving cream. I don’t use it in general. I have a smoother shave and better luck not cutting myself without it. Go figure.




IMG_9633Again, loofah for the longer trips, only needed if I end up taking a shower during the trip.






Camping Musts

IMG_9631Coppertone Water Babies Sunscreen

Gotta have sunscreen if I’m spending time in the sun. Duh. I use the children one because I have sensitive skin.







IMG_9632Repel 100 Bug Spray

Bug spray is definitely a must when camping! I tend to get eaten alive by mosquitoes so I for sure need. I recommend this one in particular because it doesn’t have a god awful smell. If anyone else can recommend one that smells pretty decent, let me know.



And I throw everything into a pouch and I’m ready to go.  I have a couple more bags that can be added to it if I’m going on an actual trip (not camping) and I do wanna bring my makeup with. And even then, I will only pack what can fit in there. The entire set was by Modella, and I think I found it at Target.

What do you do to unwind?

What sort of beauty essentials do you pack when traveling?

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P.S. Here’s what’s to come!

Random Faves: April 2016

I got things. And stuff. I don’t know. Once in awhile I get the urge to try out different products, so I picked up a couple things. It’s only been a few months since I did one of these. Since the last time before that was almost a year apart, I guess I’m stepping up my makeup game a bit? Anyway, here’s what I’ve been trying lately. I’m gonna start with the dislikes this time. I’m gonna call it negatives, though because there’s nothing from this list that I dislike, just a couple things I don’t love. When I say negatives, in this case, I really mean things that were just okay, not bad. I think that’s the case with both products in the “dislike” section.
I have a lot to say about everything, so bear with me if it gets a little long. Let’s get into it…



Garnier Micellar Water –  I have a love-hate relationship with Garnier skin care because I’m into their cream moisturizer but their gel one is a complete fail. I’m also really careful about switching up skin care products because I am prone to having allergic reactions to things like that. I’ve heard a lot of talk about this product, and I knew Garnier didn’t really mess with my skin so I wanted to try it. I got the one that targets waterproof makeup since whenever I wear waterproof mascara I always have a hard time getting it all off. I figured if I bought this, I wouldn’t buy my night time face wash or makeup removing wipes anymore. So, you know, two birds… one stone. It does do an amazing job of getting all the makeup off, even waterproof so I like it for that. But I’ve noticed my face breaking out a little since I started using it. I don’t really like the way my face feels after I use it too. Even though it says it doesn’t contain oil, it gives me the feeling that my face is oily.  I don’t wear waterproof makeup very often, so I think I’m going to stick with my previous routine, and only use this stuff when I need to take off waterproof makeup.
Wet n Wild Color Correcting Palette – Color correction is where it’s at right now. I love the concept of using opposite colors to neutralize issues with the face. It’s like… applying art to your face. Which is the main reason I’m into makeup at all. I love art and I like… putting it on my face. So this is a little wheel that has a yellow, purple, green, and white pigment in it. You’re supposed to apply yellow to things like under-eye bags since to help calm them down. If you have like a bruise that looks a little yellow you can apply purple to help with that. Green can be applied to red areas to help with that. And white can be used as a highlight, anywhere you’d want to use one. I got this because Wet N Wild is always an affordable, yet good, brand so it would be a good place to start trying. Once again, I found this to be just okay. The difference it makes is so incredibly subtle. I wanted it as a supplement to my under-eye concealer because those bags really need help (I don’t think I get enough sleep) so it would be something I’d incorporate into my every day look. But it’s not worth the extra step, when I need to be running out the door. HOWEVER if you are going for a more flawless look, where every step counts (and once in awhile, albeit rare, I do) this does help.


Maybelline: The Blushed Nudes – A palette line that’s tried and true for me, I couldn’t resist getting their Blushed Nudes. It’s been out for awhile. But I love their palettes, as you may know. I loved their recent The Rock Nudes and I love The Brights. So I picked this up. I don’t really need to get into detail here. If you wanna know why I love them check out the other two. I got this one because I do a lot of neutral looks for work and this has some beautiful shades that work well on their own but would also be amazing paired with other shades, even from other palettes. Another win from the Maybelline palette.

Maybelline: Fit Me Concealer – Is this new? I’ve been hearing a lot about the Fit Me line lately, like all of a sudden. So just to give you a little insight to my normal routine, I use Maybelline’s age rewind concealer on the under-eye area because it just works really well for that area. Prior to that I was using Revlon’s Photo Ready concealer stick and I’ve really find that I don’t like concealers in stick form, especially for the under-eyes. So I’ve really only been using the stick on “full make up” days. I ran out, so I was ready to find something else. I got this and I really like it. It’s a liquid and it comes with a wand which I love. I still only use it for spot treating on more “full make up” days but it’s really blendable and brightening so I’m a fan. I may try the foundation when I run out of mine.

Wet n Wild Pink Brushes – That’s right! I finally snagged a couple. I heard amazing things about these and they’re so pretty and cheap that I’ve been really wanting them since I first saw them on Instagram. After running to a couple different Walgreens in my area I found out they only have four different kinds of these brushes, with no immediate plans to have more. At first I was mentally cursing Walgreens for not having them but I realized that Wet N Wild has the others listed on their website as “online only”. Boo! Hiss! Come on, Wet N Wild. No way do I want to pay for shipping on these brushes, the idea is that they’re really cheap. Why triple the price with shipping? Curses. Anyway, I ended up with the flat top brush which is absolutely perfect for applying foundation. Never will I use any other brush for that. And I got the large eyeshadow brush. It works really well for my every day look because I just apply one color of eyeshadow. So this helps get the shadow on there and then you can use it to blend out really nicely. I really want at least the fan brush, since I don’t have one yet but I hear it’s nice for applying highlight. I don’t know if I’ll ever get it. Probably if they start selling these brushes in the stores. They’re really great quality brushes so it may be worth it. But, I don’t know if I want to give in, just on principle.

Milani Eyeshadow Primer – I’ve saved this one for last because it’s the one that surprised me the most. Holy goodness have I heard a lot of talk about this one, and I’ve often heard it being comparable to Urban Decay’s Primer Potion. If you know how well this works, then you know how bold of a statement that is. I’ve resisted high-end make up. Because budget. When Tiffles gifted this stuff to me I realized that it might just be the one thing I’d have to seek high-end. I wanted to conserve it so much that I only used it for my full face days or weekend looks, or whatever you want to call it. Basically, not every day. I stuck with the e.l.f. primer I talked about in the last post for every day. But honestly. I was being too nice when I said that primer was okay. It’s garbage. ANYWAY. More to the point. I wanted something that would be good enough for every day so I wouldn’t have to use my UD one up really quickly. So I picked up this Milani one that I’ve heard so much about. It’s about half the price and it seriously is JUST AS GOOD.
I have a tendency to want to talk about something on my blog before really getting a chance to see how well it works and I wanted to talk about this instantly. But I decided to put it to the test by wearing it for a full day at work, and let me tell you that was the perfect day. I struggled getting my equipment up a really steep ramp with a ledge at the top so I was sweating up a storm. And crying because no one was there to help me.  And hey, no smudges, no creases. It’s brilliant. The one thing that’s keeping me on the fence of repurchasing UD when I run out is the application. The one I have has a wand (I think some of them don’t I’m not sure), which I prefer and the Milani one comes in a squeeze tube so I usually use a little brush to spread it evenly. It’ll probably be awhile before I have to think about that. And one thing I do have to see before I get too excited is how long the Milani one is going to last with every day use. You know, I like when I am able to make a product last a long time, especially when it’s a higher price.

And that’s it. So those are all the new things I’ve been trying out, and so far liking.
I know I talked a bit about my every day look vs my weekend or special occasions, which kind of got me thinking I may want to visit that topic in a future blog. My every day routine is pretty much the same all the time, but I have a lot of different looks for otherwise which can range anywhere to very light coverage but with a bright colorful eye look, to a flawless look, to absolutely no makeup at all… so maybe I’ll sit down and shoot some photos of these different looks. We’ll see.  I have a hard time photographing my make up looks. You’d think a photographer would do a better job…
Eh. I ramble.

I hope this helped anyone who might have been looking into any of these specific products. 🙂

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P.S. I’m gonna post my cosplay shoot I did with my friend from work very very soon. I honestly don’t know why it’s taking me this long.

Random Faves Feb 2016

I did say I would do a random favorites post whenever I accumulated enough products to actually do one. It’s been almost a year since my last one, but I finally got enough to talk about. Some of these are pretty new and some aren’t at all but it’s the first time I’ve tried them. Some of these in fact, I’ve gotten very recently.


L’oreal True Match Lumi Powder Glow Illuminator – I think this came out pretty recently, actually. I’m not 100% sure.  I love this as a highlight! I use a stipple brush to swirl all the colors around then apply it to my cheekbones and it’s perfect for me. The one I got was Rose and I think it’s amazing. I will say it’s easy to go overboard as it does have quite a bit of shimmer to it, so use it carefully or you’ll have glitterface.

Wet n Wild Photofocus Setting Spray – This was a case where packaging got to me. It’s called Photo Focus and it has this cute little camera design on the lid. Call me crazy for buying it just for that… but oh well. I like it though! It helps me keep my makeup on all day. I’ve never used a setting spray before this one, so I assume that’s what it’s supposed to do haha.


Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion – I know this one is so not new. Everyone and their mom has it, loves it, lives it. But Tiffles recently gifted this to me and I can’t figure out how I lived without it. This makes a difference. There was a time I didn’t use primers and then I started to but it wasn’t until I used this one that I realized what a difference it makes. I’m a little afraid of it being a gateway to more high end make-up. I simply can’t afford to always buy the high end stuff, even with how well I stretch everything out. But this might be the product I do splurge on. I’m waiting to see how long one tube lasts me. I try to use it for when I’m going out as opposed to my every day looks so I don’t go through it too quickly.


Almay Smart Shade Correcting Primer – Ok, it’s not that I dislike this. I’ve never used a face primer before this one so I guess I’m not entirely sure what they’re for. I would guess that like eye primers it helps everything glide on smoother and last longer. It does that well just fine. The gimmick is that it is made of lavender and green to help neutralize your skin tone so it’s supposed to help with redness and under eye bags. At first I really regretted this purchase because when I put it on my skin looked even more red so I thought I was having an allergic reaction. My skin is super sensitive so I’ve always been careful about that sort of thing, and because of that I was actually kind of apprehensive about buying a primer. The problem went away and hasn’t happened again. I find that when paired with foundation and concealer it does neutralize alright, but I feel like there’s probably better primers out there. The smell is weird and it feels a little gritty. It works though.
So it’s not like I hate it, I just don’t know if I’d buy it again without looking at other primers first.

e.l.f. Eye Primer and Liner Sealer – So this one is a two in one sort of deal. It comes with an eye primer stick on one end and this little marker looking thing on the other end. That part is supposed to be for if you use an eyeshadow to line your eye, it gives you deeper look as if were really an eyeliner. I don’t know if I’m doing it wrong, I’ve tried it a couple different ways and I’ve still concluded that that part is garbage. The sealer gets everywhere and makes a mess for one thing. If you try to use it by dipping the applicator directly into the eyeshadow it does nothing. But if you try to draw the eyeliner on first then go over it with the sealer, it rubs your make-up off! I hate it, so I never use it. And the primer is just okay. I bought it because I didn’t see the kind they have that comes with a wand and I had run out. I miss that one, so hopefully it’s not gone from my stores. If I do find that one, I won’t be repurchasing this one.

Rusk Sensories Calm Shampoo and Conditioner – I am soooooo bummed about this one. Usually I love Rusk products! I had high hopes for this one, but it did not deliver. It smells bad, it’s super thin and liquidy, and it doesn’t do anything beneficial to my hair. I can’t wait til I run out.


e.l.f. Total Face Brush – So, I’m not sure what happened here, but I think e.l.f. may have changed this brush? Either that or I bought the wrong one accidentally. But I had gotten a huge set of e.l.f. brushes and this big fluffy brush was included. Since they are cheaper brushes they started to break recently. A couple of them the hand just broke off the brush part and all it took was some super glue to fix. But in the case of this one, I think the glue holding the bristles together started to separate. It started shedding more and more and then there would be weird little chunks of glue coming out. It lasted me a few years so I had no problem getting a new one. But I think they may have changed it. I had mixed feelings about it. It’s way softer, which I love. But then I started to feel that it wasn’t picking up as much product as the other one did. When I did use some powder with foundation applied first it was then I realized that wasn’t the case. I was getting similar coverage with less cakeyness . So, I’m super glad for the change!

Maybelline The Rock Nudes – I did a full review of this. If you didn’t catch it, check it out here.

Wish List



Matrix (I think they may be re-packaging this, I couldn’t find the picture on their website. The image is from amazon but the link is to the closest thing I could find to it.

Matrix Total Results Sleek Shampoo and Conditioner – When I bought my Rusk ones, my mom bought this set. When I stayed at my parents’ place to dogsit while they were on vacation, I ended up trying this. Wow. Way better. My hair felt so soft and healthy after using it. This will definitely be the set I buy next.

Wet n Wild Pink Brushes – Where in the heck can I find these besides their website? Oops, I didn’t pull a picture. But if you look at my Instagram widget on the side you can see where I re-grammed it. But seriously though. I saw that a lot of people are getting those from Walgreens and I have not been able to find them.
Why?? They’re so pretty and super cheap and I’ve heard great things about them!!

That’s all I have for now. Maybe there will be more next year.
What products have you been loving? Anything you want to try? Where the heck are those brushes?

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P.S. I’m putting off my wig collection post. It’s totally gonna happen, I’m not deciding not to do it. It’s just more likely to happen next month as opposed to next week, ya know what I mean? There’s a couple of other projects I need to tend to first.