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Tune Talk: BadLands by Halsey

Tune Talk: BadLands by Halsey

It’s been awhile since I’ve talked about music on here. Almost 9 months to be exact. It has been a bit since an entire album has caught my attention. Actually, that’s not really true. I’ve just been too lazy or busy to talk about them.

Today I’m going to get into BadLands by Halsey.  Almost a year ago I talked about Crybaby by Melanie Martinez and BadLands was recommended to me. Halsey also constantly came up as a recommended artist for me because I liked Melanie Martinez. Well, it took me long enough but I finally got it. I think I realized I would probably like her when I found out she was the one who sings “Castle” which I hear a lot in fantasy like commercials.

I got her album this week and I cannot get enough. I’m the type of person who will play an album over and over until I’m sick of it. Because I’m the worst. Seriously, why do I do this to myself?

But okay. I’m really into this. I really like the catchy sort of pop feel, all the while the lyrics are edgy. It’s the same sort of thing I liked about Melanie Martinez except that she has a more cutesy musicbox sound while Halsey’s songs sound like they could be something fun and upbeat that you could dance to.

This is definitely an album I can let play from start to finish. I think the only one I’m not into is “Walk the Line.”  My favorites are “Strange Love” and “Gasoline.”

She has a Vevo so I’ll leave this here.

I’m really bad at this whole review thing.  But check her out because I seriously can’t stop listening to her!  I’ve been doing a ton of beauty blogs lately so I’d love to keep talking about music if you’re interested in it. I can talk about Babymetal or Walk the Moon, who I’ve been also finding myself playing a lot of lately. I could also share what’s on certain playlists I’ve made.

I’m up for whatever. I’m really trying to write more often.

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Tune Talk: Dark Before Dawn by Breaking Benjamin

Tune Talk: Dark Before Dawn by Breaking Benjamin

Breaking Benjamin’s Dark Before Dawn came out in June. Which means this post is a long overdue one. But, that’s the way I handle things on this blog so let’s just go with it. Six months behind on life, that sounds about right. Anyway.

There was a time when I though Breaking Benjamin was the best thing ever. The driving rock, the angsty lyrics, the moody music videos, and not to mention the sweet sound of Ben Burnley’s voice. What’s not to love? If, you know, you’re into that sort of thing. But the more I’ve been listening to them, the more I’ve been feeling like they’re one of those bands whose music all sounds the same. I’ve always felt that they get better with every album, so I was still hopeful when I heard about the release of Dark Before Dawn. Dear Agony was such a powerful and incredible album, they had kind of a lot to live up to there. And with all the band members, save for Ben, having been replaced I wasn’t sure they’d make the cut.

I’m not going to say I don’t like it. I’m not going to say I’m not as into them as I once was, even though that one might be true. But I was underwhelmed. This was a band whose next album was always way better than the one before it, at least in my opinion. And they fell short. I won’t discredit the new members. I think they did an amazing job at keeping within the same sound. Maybe I’m not as musically aware as I’d like to think but I hardly even noticed a difference, actually.
This album isn’t bad. Not at all. It’s well worth buying and listening to, that’s for sure. However, it’s no Dear Agony. So if you’re like me and you expected this album to surpass Dear Agony, you’ll probably be at least a little disappointed. But still, check it out. There’s some great songs. My favorite is “Angels Fall” which makes my anxiety playlist. (Let me know if you’re interested in that and I’ll post it. Just a list of songs that make me feel good when I’m feeling anxious.)

Dark Before Dawn on Amazon

“Failure” is a great one too. So check it out.

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