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2017, Here I Come

Oh 2016. The year that took way too many celebrities. Including my goblin king. 😦

We certainly are happy to see you go, 2016.

For me personally, 2016 wasn’t all bad. After months of waiting Grizz and I finally bought our house this year so that was pretty awesome. And NYE was great as always. It was actually super relaxing to be able to ring in the new year with my close friends. I love them all and they make my heart happy. ❤

Last year, (I think) I broke my habit of not making New Year’s resolutions and made five. I only kept one. I promised myself anytime I would buy new clothes I would donate others that I don’t use. And while I didn’t do a whole hell of a lot of clothes shopping this year, I did that. The only exception is when I bought a set of cardigans, mainly for work. Because I really needed those. But I’m putting together a Good Will box, mostly with toys and stuffed animals, but clothes as well. So I’ll be making up for that anyway.

I had also promised myself to designate time to practice Photoshop, be more organized, and be better about cleaning, and blog more.  The Photoshop thing happened at first, but once my winter break was over, it went out the window. And everything else, I was just kidding myself. I mean, I’ll try again with that stuff but my main goals for this year are a little more vain. I mean, they may seem that way.

I’ve learned a lot about makeup over that past few years, and I’ve definitely branched out from where I started. My goal is to save money and treat myself to more high end products. Actually my goal is to be better about saving money in general. For one thing, this time next year I want to feel better about the winter break. So I want to  make an effort to really save enough to help supplement during that time. But also, I want to be able to really work on a wardrobe that suits me. A few years ago, I wanted to start following a pastel goth style and I never really did. But starting now I want to really involve myself in making my style be what I want it to be. Albeit, it’s probably not really pastel goth I want to chase anymore. I just want a style that outwardly reflects my personality. I just want to learn how to really be me, inside and out.
I really wish I took the time to photograph my look for NYE. I did a pretty eye look that turned out amazing. Maybe I’ll recreate it for something.

My photo goals are still the same. I would really like be great at Photoshop and work on shooting projects for myself. All that stuff has been neglected so I really want to take some time to practice my skills again.

As for blogging more, it is what it is.  I don’t think I’ll ever be a frequent blogger. So. That’s fine.

Anyway. How was your year? Are you happy it’s over? What did you do for NYE?

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P.S. Are you interested at all in what I got for Christmas? Those kinds of things seem kind of braggy, but if anyone wants to see, I would do it. Lots of Pokemon related things happened.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! OOTD and Resolutions for 2016

If you’re reading this RIGHT now, like, the moment this came out, I’m out with some good friends ringing in the new year. I preemptively scheduled a post to come out now since I’m sure I’ll forget or something. If I’m keeping the promise I made earlier on, I’m probably extremely drunk right now.

If you’re reading this any time later than midnight on New Year’s…. well you probably didn’t need to know all that, did you? (what a dork)

I’m gonna start by showing you my outfit for tonight. First, I’m wearing a sparkly black dress with a pin striped blazer. Rocking my new wine red wig, sorry it looked a little messy in that shot.


Make-up was a little bit of a spin off of the look I did last year. But I love a little blue with a little sparkle, I think it works perfectly for NYE! Most of it was from my NYX: Love in Paris eyeshadow palette. Lipstick is my favorite Pink Ice by Wet N Wild. NYE-1888

On to resolutions!

I know I’ve said in the past that I’m not really a fan of the idea of New Year’s Resolutions. Like, why wait? I don’t know, I guess I’ve changed my mind. Sort of. I mean, definitely if you ever think of something you want to fix about your life, you shouldn’t wait. But there is something to be said about the shiny new year.

I do have a few resolutions I hope to try and accomplish within 2016. And here they are:

  1. Be more organized – particularly with financial and other important documents. Like, I need to make a genuine effort to keep things like that safe. I never really realized how important it was until recently, for a couple different reasons.
  2. This is one that I’ve already actively have been trying to get better at, but I still need work. And that is to “clean as you go.”  I just need to take a couple minutes out of every day to look around and ask myself “what can I tidy up in this small amount of time?” Cleaning little by little will help alleviate any major cleaning I have to do all at once, which sucks way more than taking a second to just do something small right away so it doesn’t get out of hand.
  3. I resolve to get rid of AT LEAST one article of clothing each time I shop for more clothes. If I can’t bring myself to do it, then I can’t go shopping. I’m thinking of it as a fee.  I have a hard time getting rid of things I don’t wear. There’s a lot of things I think I’ll get rid of, but then convince myself that I just might wear it one day. Guess what, I don’t. At least this way, I know I’ll be replacing it with something I will wear. This counts even if I intend on buying work clothes.
  4. Schedule a TBD amount of time to self-teach myself Photoshop. This is probably the most important one to me. I have really high expectations of myself for what I’d like to be able to do in Photoshop. This will never, ever happen if I don’t practice. I vow to pick an amount of time, say an hour a day to sit down and practice. If I’m not practicing I should be actively attempting to learn something.  I just might report my findings here on the blog, to hold myself accountable.
  5. Which brings me to, blogging. I love blogging. Though I think of it as a hobby, and never something I intend to do hardcore, I’d at least like to spend a little more time on it. I’m not going to make a promise I can’t keep here, so I’m going to say I’m gonna try to post something new once every two weeks. I know sometimes I go for a month or so without posting anything. And then I get time off work and I post something practically every day. I’d say once every two weeks is doable. Even if I don’t think of anything interesting, at least I can post whatever I’m working on in Photoshop or something.

So, as of right now, I think that’s a great start. It’s been a great year for me! I learned about senior photography, I made some new friends, I went on an awesome vacation, and I got ENGAGED!  And there’s something pretty exciting in the works for next year already, which I swear I’ll talk about soon!

What are some of your resolutions? What’s the best thing that happened to you in 2015? What’s the worst? Are you excited about the new year?

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Veins of Glass Entry – 2/4/09

Wednesday, 4 February 2009
.:Take Me Away, and Take Me Farther:.
Mood:  cool
Topic: Life

Never too late for New Year’s resolutions.

In my life, I have always been so dependant on others.  I have always needed my family, my friends, a significant other to keep me happy.  I have also always tried not to be that way, at least when it comes to relying on my family.  I don’t want to be a burden, I don’t want to be the pain in the ass.  Even as I rely less on my parents, I still rely on my friends and the nagging thought that it is essential for me to have a boyfriend. 

I don’t want it anymore. 

In the past, I have not done well when the people I’ve become dependant on end up leaving me. 

So I’m not saying that I want to shut everyone out by any means.  I want to learn to not need them.  Sure I want them.  But I don’t want to need them anymore.  And for those who have left me alone, I certainly don’t want them.  And as for a boyfriend? I’m done looking.  I don’t want to need one either.  If he finds me, then great, but I don’t think that love has anything left for me right now.

The thought of loneliness kills me.  The emptiness, the nothingness… it’s frightening and cold.  Something I cannot handle.  But maybe, if I was more independant, I wouldn’t feel so alone when bad things happen. 

That’s why I resolve to be independant. To stand on my own when I need to and to surround myself with good company when I want to.