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Moving, Weddings, And a Cat’s Stupid Adventure

I’m long overdue for a post. The reason I’ve been away for so long is because….

Grizz and I bought a house! It finally happened. We waited a long time to get this house, but we’re finally in.
We’ve been busy getting things in order and it’s coming along. I have things I want to blog about, and I’m really excited because I have a studio now, so I’ll have room to shoot photos for things. It’s my goal now that I have the extra shooting space to plan more Outfit of the Day things. I even may do the holiday look book again, although I may try and do it a little differently. The wig collection is something I’m finally going to be able to get started on.

We were also busy with his sister’s wedding. Which was incredibly cool to be a part of it. It even ended up making the news! They got married on a moving “L” train in Chicago. It caught fire with the news, the even went on live TV!
Here’s one of the articles and the interview with Windy City Live is at the bottom of it.

I’m like, hey, I know them! ^_^

We threw a couple of parties here already, which is so exciting now that we have the room for it. Grizz’s birthday is coming up and we’ve been having an unseasonably warm fall, so we’re having another party that hopefully we’ll get to have a fire. 🙂

We have a few things we’re not used to having to do all the time, like double checking our doors. Last night our back door was not only unlocked, but as Grizz discovered when he got up for work this morning, it wasn’t even latched. The door was wide open for who knows how long. My first instinct was to jump up and look for Demon, our cat, who’s been obsessed with trying to sneak out whenever the door is open. As I expected, he was nowhere to be found. Grizz was already looking outside for him. I went down the block but didn’t see him. I was so heartbroken, and I remember shutting off the lights in the kitchen but I didn’t check the door so naturally I was blaming myself. And I was so worried about him. He’s so dark so he’d be hard for people driving in cars to see…
As we were admitting defeat and heading inside, something told me to ask Grizz to shine his flashlight under the deck. When he did, there was a set of glowing eyes looking at us. Luckily for us, he’s very food driven. So opening his can of cat food was all we needed to do to coax him out.

Stupid cat. Scared the shit out of me. I’m really glad that he didn’t get that far. I suppose if anything this whole experience will make me obsessed with checking to make sure the doors are locked.
I don’t even like cats… how did this little jerk claw his way into my heart?  It’s also been a small challenge trying to get him to get along with our dog, Eva. She’s used to cats because she’s lived with them almost her whole life. So she really doesn’t care at all about Demon. Like, she’s far to busy begging people to throw her ball and climbing into everyone’s lap even though she is far too big to be a lap dog. Demon, however, has never seen a dog. So, he took a bit longer to adjust. He’s still not a huge fan of her, but they coexist. And they’ll both snuggle me, so that’s all I wanted out of the whole arrangement.

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So that’s what’s been going on lately.

I want to get back on track blogging-wise so I’m trying to plan simple things I can do for right now.
I think the next thing I do will be a makeup thing. I ordered an eyeshadow palette that was a collaboration with Morphe and KathleenLights on YouTube. I’ve been wanting to buy a YouTube collab, but this was the first one that was affordable so I went for it. It should be here Friday so I think I’m going to do a first impression or something like that over the weekend.  I literally just found out (like, I’m watching her October favorites right now and she JUST said) it’s sold out already. It released a week ago and it’s limited edition and it’s already gone. I’m glad I got it right away. It’s kind of the reason I want to do a lookbook again because I’m already thinking of cute holiday makeup looks.

Anyway, I think that’s it for me. I’ll talk again soon. 🙂
Hopefully everyone had a safe and fun Halloween!

What did you dress up as?

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Yesterday, when I got home from work I took a nap because I wasn’t feeling well.  This was a fairly long nap too.  During said nap, I had a really strange dream.  It actually woke me up with a start because it was just so weird.

When I was a kid, my family had a mobile home in Indiana that we would visit for a week at a time or every weekend or so during the summer.  My aunt and uncle and cousins always went camping at a campground nearby and our grandmother had (and still has) a mobile home in the same park.  She still goes there for a month at a time over the summer.  Basically, it was like a summer home.  We sold it around the time we sold the trailer we were living in so we can buy the house we live in now. 
It was a really small trailer with a screen house surrounding it. The trailer itself was only big enough for us to sleep in really.  It had a little stove and bathroom too.  But we spent most of the time in the screen house, where we had the dining table set up.  In that area, there was a storage room.  We put mostly crap there, but we would also put our dog Mandy in there when the family came over to visit because she was kind of aggressive at times.  Now, Mandy was put to sleep when I was in high school.  So she’s been gone for several years now. 

In my dream, my parents, my sister and I went back to trailer in Indiana. I suppose the person who bought it sold it back to us or something like that.  And other family members came to visit too. We were all hanging out in the screen house.  I was sitting at the table when I heard a whining noise coming from the storage room. Sounded a lot like a dog, but we didn’t bring Bonnie with us.  So I opened the door, and Mandy came running out. She ran right past everyone in the room and then vanished suddenly.  When I exclaimed, no one else believed me. No one saw her but me. 

Like I said, strange. 

Come to think of it, it might have been around this time that we lost her.  I actually don’t really remember. I believe it was March or April. 

I miss her still, at times.  It’s silly yes, but she was a part of my life when I was just three years old.  Letting her go was very hard on the family. 
It makes sense I would still dream about her. 
I just wonder why my dream made it seem like I was crazy. I mean, it was a dream after all.  Why didn’t everyone else see her run from that room and then vanish?  Why was it just me?

♥Jessi Michelle

.:And I’m Breathing Slowly Like You Said To Do When You Had Lost Control:.


I feel slightly silly.  This post is about a tiny little rodent.  But let me tell you about my little Drakula. 

About four years ago, my sister got a rabbit for her birthday.  We had been begging our parents for little animals since we moved in that house.  I always kept guinea pigs as a kid at our old house.  Finally they caved.  And my mom was talking to the pet store owner where Ang got her rabbit, who happens to breed guinea pigs.  Her mommeh piggy was expecting so the babies probably would be ready to sell by July that year.  Since Angela got her rabbit, it was only fair that I get the guinea pig I was begging for on my birthday too.  My mom constantly asked the owner for updates, and they talked so often that we even got first pick. 

My goal was to look for a black one so I could name it Midnight.  Otherwise, I wasn’t sure.  If I recall, there were only two that even had black on them.  So I picked the little black and white cutie that caught my eye.  Drakula.  I don’t really know why I picked that name.  He looks like a Drakula to me. 

Before I go on, let me tell you a bit about my experience with guinea pigs.  I was young, so whenever I wanted to take them out and play with them, my mom would have to do it because they would run around the cage and I’d never be able to catch them.  I’ve had guinea pigs run away and hide under the bed so we had one hell of a time trying to get them to come out.  I’ve been bitten.  I’ve been pooped on, so I would never hold them without an old blankie for them to do their business in. 

Drakula was so different.  When I brought him home, I held him right away and he was as squirmy as all the others.  He made his inevitible escape that day.  He hid behind the couch, but I was eventually able to grab him.  I picked him up so often that he got used to being around me.  In fact, he enjoyed being around me.  I was able to put him on my bed and he would not try to jump off.  He would sit there.  He even knew that potty time was for his cage only, after awhile. 

He had a personality all his own too.  I’ve never seen a guinea pig who would stand on their back legs and squeak when I sang. (I’m constantly singing.)  Or the way he would take his carrot… hilarious.  He would be hiding in his little igloo thing in his cage and I’d put his carrot in there. Then you’d just see his little nose poke out, he’d grab the carrot, and the disappear back into the igloo.  But I swear, you could hear him purring.  His mating dance was pretty comical too.  He did it for his girlfriend Hershey, who I bought a year later.  She didn’t like it very much, but I think he was pretty sad when she was gone.  I’ve also never seen a guinea pig who would purr at pleasant sounds.  He liked the noise my phone made when I sent text messages and he purred at some songs too.

He was a strange silly one, let me tell ya.  Sadly, a guinea pig’s average lifespan is about 4-6 years. He recently became sick and I tried to help him.  I kept him alive for a few days, but he passed away last night.  I was there when he died, and he didn’t look very comfortable.  But I got to pet him one last time. 

Like I said, I feel really silly.  He’s a small animal that costs about 30-40 dollars, but he was my little baby boy and I am sad that he’s gone. 

xmasdrak01 smartdrak drak8

drak (2)

drak2 (2)


RIP Drakula, I miss you.