Photo Diary: By The Light

When inspiration hits you while you’re helping your lovey fix your car, you just have to roll with it. I wanted to play with the natural source of light available, which in this case was one of those portable work lights and the light from the garage. Mechanic-

Since I can push the ISO a little more on my new camera I was able to pull this off with as little noise as possible.

As far as enhancing the photo in shop, I really only messed with the light source and added some smoke for dramatic effect. I think it turned out cool for a spur of the moment shot.

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2017, Here I Come

Oh 2016. The year that took way too many celebrities. Including my goblin king. 😦

We certainly are happy to see you go, 2016.

For me personally, 2016 wasn’t all bad. After months of waiting Grizz and I finally bought our house this year so that was pretty awesome. And NYE was great as always. It was actually super relaxing to be able to ring in the new year with my close friends. I love them all and they make my heart happy. ❤

Last year, (I think) I broke my habit of not making New Year’s resolutions and made five. I only kept one. I promised myself anytime I would buy new clothes I would donate others that I don’t use. And while I didn’t do a whole hell of a lot of clothes shopping this year, I did that. The only exception is when I bought a set of cardigans, mainly for work. Because I really needed those. But I’m putting together a Good Will box, mostly with toys and stuffed animals, but clothes as well. So I’ll be making up for that anyway.

I had also promised myself to designate time to practice Photoshop, be more organized, and be better about cleaning, and blog more.  The Photoshop thing happened at first, but once my winter break was over, it went out the window. And everything else, I was just kidding myself. I mean, I’ll try again with that stuff but my main goals for this year are a little more vain. I mean, they may seem that way.

I’ve learned a lot about makeup over that past few years, and I’ve definitely branched out from where I started. My goal is to save money and treat myself to more high end products. Actually my goal is to be better about saving money in general. For one thing, this time next year I want to feel better about the winter break. So I want to  make an effort to really save enough to help supplement during that time. But also, I want to be able to really work on a wardrobe that suits me. A few years ago, I wanted to start following a pastel goth style and I never really did. But starting now I want to really involve myself in making my style be what I want it to be. Albeit, it’s probably not really pastel goth I want to chase anymore. I just want a style that outwardly reflects my personality. I just want to learn how to really be me, inside and out.
I really wish I took the time to photograph my look for NYE. I did a pretty eye look that turned out amazing. Maybe I’ll recreate it for something.

My photo goals are still the same. I would really like be great at Photoshop and work on shooting projects for myself. All that stuff has been neglected so I really want to take some time to practice my skills again.

As for blogging more, it is what it is.  I don’t think I’ll ever be a frequent blogger. So. That’s fine.

Anyway. How was your year? Are you happy it’s over? What did you do for NYE?

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P.S. Are you interested at all in what I got for Christmas? Those kinds of things seem kind of braggy, but if anyone wants to see, I would do it. Lots of Pokemon related things happened.

After a year in the making I’ve actually managed to pull together my photography site! All sessions I do in the future will be accessible through there. I’ll continue to post Photo Diaries on here, but most galleries will be posted on there.

Check out the site. 

When I do get my home studio up and running, that site will also be the way to book sessions with me. I’m not offering them yet, however I am offering editing. So, if you are a professional photographer, you can send me a request here  and I’ll email you more details. I don’t know how many photographers actually like to outsource their editing, but I personally love to edit pictures!


Announcement: Photo Site Live

Photo Diary: This Heart

This week Grizz challenged me to use selective color (something that is very outdated and often used poorly) to tell a story. While I failed to get my point across I still ended up with something I’m pretty happy with so I decided to share.


I’d like to thank my sister for the assist with this, it was a lot of me setting up the shot and having her take the photo over and over again until it was right. I ended up with a couple other ones but I like this one the most. For some reason I’m having a hard time articulating this one… so I’m just gonna leave you to feel whatever you feel about it.

A lot of the time I’m so consumed with my day job that I don’t take the time to shoot or edit for me, so it’s nice to have Grizz challenge me to do something. Plus Phlearn on Instagram has a contest every week so if I feel inspired by it I try to enter.

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 P.S. I have a couple ideas in the works for posts, it just may be a bit before I get to them. And I did not forget about my wig collection. I’m just slowly collecting photos of them instead of actively trying to shoot it. And my birthday is coming up, so who knows I may get more. Thinking about a photo tutorial of my rainbow eyeshadow look also.


PhotoSHOP Diary: Pepper

That’s right I added a new “series.” I bought myself a drawing tablet with some of my Christmas money so I’ve been doing a lot of Photoshop practice just to get the hang of it. So I’ve  basically been going through my old photos and messing around with them.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may know I’ve been obsessed with the game Neko Atsume. In case you don’t know what it is, it’s a game where you have a yard and you put out food and toys so cats will come visit. When they do, you take a picture of them and add them to your album. Your goal is to collect every cat in the game and the momentos they leave behind when they visit often enough. It’s a ridiculous game for me to play because I don’t even really like cats all that much, but it’s addictive nonetheless. My favorite cat is a cat named Pepper. He has odd colored eyes.



Image was from a Google Search

So I pulled up an image of our cat Bramble, and transformed him into Pepper. Not my best work, but just having some fun practicing with my new toy.


Meh. Little bit of color loss happened when I flattened the image.

Just for a little reference, here’s a picture of what our actually derpy cat looks like.

This is easily the best picture I have of him. It makes me laugh and pretty much describes his personailty.

This is easily the best picture I have of him. It makes me laugh and pretty much describes his personality.

So yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing with my time. As for my upcoming posts: I will start shooting my wig collection soon. It’s going to take some time. I’m waiting for a couple camera things at the moment, and I do have one more wig on the way. For the most part, the draft is written up so really all I need to do is shoot it. And then there’s the life update post I’ve been hinting at, and I’m waiting to hear some more things before I do that. And of course anything interesting I do/learn in Photoshop and photography, I’ll share along the way!

Til then.

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Photoshop Magic: General Lee

Earlier today I posted a before and after shot of my dad driving in the General Lee and said I would do a tutorial on how I acheived that look. As promised, here it is.  *This tutorial does require some basic knowledge of Photoshop tools and filters.*

First I imported the image in Lightroom. I only do this because I like using Lightroom to adjust contrast and vibrance opposed to Photoshop. I will do this at the end.


 From Lightroom I opened a copy in Photoshop.


I used the Clone Stamp Tool to get rid of the spots that don’t look nice. Such as the flash spot.


To use the clone stamp tool, alt-click on the part of the image you wish to clone. And the paint over the part  you wish to hide. It takes a little while to get used to how it works. But here’s how mine looked when I finished.


Then I touched up the flash spot from the background by using the Burn tool. I used the Smudge tool to make the background reflection in the car to look like it was motioned blurred.


I selected the car carefully and inverted the selection (ctrl+shift+I).  I like to use the quick selection to get most of it and the touch it up with the quick mask process.


The applied a motion blur filter. I set it to 151 pixels.


I repeated the exact same step to the background that can be seen in the other windows.

Then I selected the tire only and applied a radial blur of 32. I did the same for the hubcap. I did this separately because it just looks better.


I saved this and switched back to my Lightroom window. The copy I made showed up and I opened the Develop screen.


I adjusted the contrast and vibrance until the color looked nice.



I used the red eye correction tool to get rid of the demon eyes.
Then I exported the finished product with my watermark and called it a day!


And that’s how I brought that image to life! Hopefully this was a little helpful if you’re trying to make a car look like it’s moving or something like that!

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Photoshop Magic Segment?

My parents just got back from Nashville. They went to Cooter’s Place which is a Duke’s of Hazzard museum.  My mom took this picture of my dad in the General Lee:


With a little bit of Awesome Photoshop Wizarding, I managed to transform into this:


I know it doesn’t necessarily look real or anything but I had a lot of fun making it, and I think it turned out pretty cool.  I think that I want to add a new category to this blog for Photoshop tutorials. I’ll get to work on this one for my first one!