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The Elusive Wet N Wild Rainbow Highlight

Hey! Hello! I’m trying to do the blogging thing now that I’m not working, but with the holidays coming up (and the fact that we’re hosting 3 of 4 parties) it’s been hard to do/come up with stuff.

I was going to do this differently. There were going to be swatches. But I think it might be difficult to do. Now instead, it’s just a quick review. Well anyway.

Remember on Instagram when everyone was going crazy for the rainbow highlight? There were videos of people dipping it into their brushes and then you can see the rainbow powder on your brush? Yeah, those. They were magical. They were impossible to acquire. They were expensive. Well, Wet N Wild Beauty jumped on that cash train and made their own. I see after another Instagram search that many brands are creating their own. That’s really cool.
But one super awesome thing about Wet N Wild is their price point. Beauty on a budget is my game and they’re the best at it, in my opinion. So their rainbow highlight is a whopping $5.

It’s no wonder these FLEW off the virtual shelf. That’s right, an online exclusive. Every time they updated their Instagram to say they were back in stock, they’d be gone by the time I got to it. So it took awhile but I finally snagged it.

I wanted to give this a fair shot before I came on here to review it, because it wasn’t all that impressive at first. So I’ve worn it a few times. So I think I have a nice fair opinion of it now. I’ve worn it on my bare skin, I’ve worn it with a primer, I’ve worn it with foundation.

I will say this much, if you are expecting this to be “BAM, rainbow on my face!” you will be disappointed. I’ll admit, I was at first. But if you really think about the practicality of wearing a straight up rainbow on your face, it’s probably a good thing.  My goal in life is to be a rainbow, so I guess I forget sometimes that you can’t walk around with a rainbow on your cheekbones. Anyway, if you dig deep enough you can do that cool thing with the rainbow powder on your brush. But you probably don’t want to dig around in your highlight for days.

Now as a highlight itself, this is a really great product. I’ve always heard good things about their color icon blushes and highlights and this lives up to it. So, girl, if you want your highlight to be seen from the heavens, this will do it. If you want a subtle rainbow pigment to your highlight,  you can make it happen but it requires digging and scraping, and that’s just too much.

But overall, I give it two thumbs up. It definitely works well as bright highlight, so if you wanna glow it will do the trick for sure. If you want to be a rainbow, I’d look at other options.

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So yeah. If I don’t post before then (which I probably won’t let’s be real, I’m the worst) have a safe and happy holiday!

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Pride Bracelets

Pride Bracelets

I had a couple different ideas for a post in mind, but I wanted to do this instead. I’ll work on the other ones throughout next week, as I’m off work for a little while.

I was feeling really upset over the news about what happened at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. But instead of sitting there posting about how sad I was that this happened, I really wanted to do something about it. It was one thing to try and make a donation to the victims and their families, and that’s absolutely wonderful for those that did. They really need it, so I’m not saying we shouldn’t donate to that, by any means.

But I wanted to do something for the bigger picture. I want to donate to somewhere that will fight for equality.  I decided to make rainbow bracelets to sell and donate all the proceeds to Equality Illinois  which does just that. I was able to make a bunch and sell them to my friends. And now we’ve raised $65 for the cause. I still have 7 more left and I really want to sell them all! So, if you’re interested in helping the cause and getting a cute bracelet, the link will be at the end of the post!

I have so many wonderful family and friends that are so scared about their lives and the lives of their loved ones following this horrible tragedy. It’s time to step up and do our best to end the discrimination. If you are feeling lost or scared as a result of all this, I love you and I’m thinking of you.

Love will always win.



Donate to Equality Illinois Directly

Get a Pride Bracelet! 

Photo Diary: Morning Routine


Sometimes you put your bluetooth speaker next to your makeup brushes and then decide you need take a photo. Ya know, no big deal.  But yeah, this is what a typical morning looks like for me. Just thought I’d share.

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P.S. I got a couple new products so I may put together another review post soon.