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Wardrobe Changes, Adulting, and Other Life Things

After falling off the grid for awhile, I feel like I should talk about things again. I’ve been feeling pretty good the last few days, as if everything is falling into place. Apart from getting engaged (super exciting!) I’m just feeling really comfortable.

Work is going really well. I’ve even been less nervous about it lately. It only took a year…
I haven’t done much on the side in the way of photography. To be honest I’ve been trying to re-evaluate what I really want to focus on in that regard. I thought it would be really great to get into photographing fashion and cosplay, but lately I’ve been feeling really content with what I’m doing right now. I’m not sure I’m ready to do anything else just yet.  I guess I’m just so busy with my day job that I have a hard time committing to other clients on the side. I don’t think that’s such a bad thing, since I like my day job a lot. I don’t know that I’ll love it forever, and if I do stop loving it maybe that will be when I should start pushing for more. You know?
I do dislike the business casual dress. I’d been feeling, like, super uncomfortable in so many of the clothes I bought for this job when I found out I was hired. I stuck with a lot of polo shirts, or button down shirts and none of them felt very me.
Now that I’ve been working there for almost a year now, I’ve been getting more of a feel for what I can wear. I ended up going shopping with Tara yesterday and I picked up a lot of nice shirts that have a boho flair to them that are perfect for work. I feel like I’m ready to walk in tomorrow with a nice fresh wardrobe that fits my personality better. I’m really happy about it!  I got some pants too, and they’re boring big girl office job pants, but I don’t care about that.
I even went shoe shopping. I dragged James along with me for that adventure, since he needed sandals for the summer. Payless had their BOGO sale going on, so I made quite a haul. I hate shoe shopping, I know I’ve mentioned that I don’t shoe. But in this case, I really needed to shoe. Here’s how I handle shoes… it’s unlike most girls that are interested in the fashion world:
I don’t have a pair of shoes to match every outfit. I don’t have a separate closet that houses about a billion dozen and a half different pairs of shoes. I HATE shoe shopping. I have a type of shoe for every occasion and that’s the end of that. Although I probably have more shoes that go with specific costumes than I’m willing to admit, that’s cosplay for ya. But that’s besides the point. The point is, when I buy a pair of shoes, I’m super picky because I know it has to go with everything I own and it has to last a long time. Unfortunately, I started to realize that all of the types of shoes I have needed to be replaced. So, that’s why I walked out of Payless with 5 pairs of shoes. I needed new sandals, new everyday shoes, new dress shoes, and new work shoes. Plus I wanted a pair of gym shoes as well. Because I want to get serious about working out and I’m having knee problems so I figured something with a nice padding might help.  If you want to see a haul post, I can do that but to be honest I find shoes to be quite a bore. Actually, I’m a little amazed I talked about them for so long… Next subject! (But see, what a little wardrobe update can do for your mood sometimes!)

I’m pretty proud of myself though. Before going and buying all that stuff, I did get rid of clothes I don’t wear anymore. I’ve been trying to get better about stuff like that, cleaning and what not. I’m lazy, so I hate doing it all. But I feel so much more accomplished and even less anxious when I do it.

I think that’s all the updates I have for now. Back to the sporadic postings after this…

Although seriously, I have a few ideas. I have a cool and geeky DIY coaster thing to show you, and I’ve been thinking about posting my wig collection too. Plus, I’ve joined a book club so I’m toying with the idea of talking about books as well. I haven’t decided about that but stay tuned for the other stuff.

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HUGE Shopping Spree Loot!

Last Friday, I went shopping with Tiffany as a last chance to get some awesome clothes before I have to start saving money. I still gave myself a budget and I stuck to it, which I’m super proud of.  But I ended up with a lot of things for my style that I’m really excited about! So let’s just dive right in to my haul, shall we?

I’m going to start with the accessories and I got them all from Charming Charlie.

I got two sets of earrings. One of these is from the kid’s section.. but that’s okay I really love them. The other one was on clearance or else I wouldn’t have bought them. I really wanted the spiders and the roses and I don’t see myself wearing the rest of them. Maybe I can find a friend who would.


I got a set of 3 belts on sale and I particularly wanted the one with the studs on them but I can see myself wearing the other colors too, so I grabbed it.


Then I got these super cute bracelets. One is this gothic looking charm bracelet


and the other one is a cute pink gem with a bow.


I already plan on wearing that one with my Rocky Horror outfit. (I’m going all out. Stick around for a sneek peak of that)

I decided I needed pants more than anything. In my mind it’s spring/summer ALL the time so I have every skirt imaginable. But I really need pants for fall/winter.  I still ended up buying more tops than I should have, but I couldn’t help it. First I’ll show the pants and then dive into the shirts.

So I got these two leggings from Love Culture, which was a bit more splurgy for me. I only got these even though I liked a fair amount from the store. The first one is more of a punk vibe, with the red plaid. But I do own a few shirts I can wear with this so I figured it would be a good buy.


And this other one has more of 80’s Rockstar vibe. But I love the lace detail!

fatloot-6 fatloot-7

I got this pair of jeans from Good Will. I was hoping for a better fit, but for the price I can’t go wrong. I pretty much have to wear a belt but that’s okay because I have a really cool studded belt. I just love the design of these. I feel like they have the perfect mix of gothic and feminine that I’m looking for, especially if paired with the right shirt.


All of these shirts came from Good Will as well.

I got this beautiful lace shirt! It bunches up in the back to the point where it almost looks like a hood. It’s hard to get that on camera.


Then I got this pastel pink/purple colored shirt. I love the sheer graffiti-like detail!


Next is this normal looking t-shirt but I like the boho feel of the pattern. I’ve been doing a lot of red lately too so I’m hoping I can use it for a lot of things.


And the last piece of clothing I got is this really cute pinstripe shirt. I love this because I feel like I can dress it up OR dress it down! I fell in love with this one so I hope it works out for many, many outfits!


We stopped into Bath&Body Works because I can’t help myself. I picked up a few things of course. I got the gels Pure Paradise and Carried Away. I bought the handsoap in my signature scent, Sweet Pea. I also got a few hand sanitizers because the were on sale. Not pictured because ain’t nobody cares about hand sanitizer. How boring. I got them in sweet pea, strawberry cheesecake, and two from the stress relief aromatherapy line. (If you were curios).


And part two of this shopping extravaganza happened a few days later. We wanted to go to Ulta, but by the time we made it there they were already closed. So we went and I got a few eyeshadow palettes. I’m growing tired of my giant e.l.f. palette.  I wanted some more blues and whites.

So I got a few Ulta brand palettes and a NYX one too.


All in all, I’m happy with everything I got! I’ve been doing a lot of practicing and preparing for my Rocky Horror look. Here’s a little sneak peak at what I’m doing..



And if you follow me on Twitter you’ve already seen the wig. But if not, it’ll just have to be a surprise. I do plan on getting some shots of me in my outfit.

So that’s the last of the loot!

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My blog is quickly becoming girly… I may need to do a gamerz corner or something music related soon just to balance it all out, ha.

I don’t do a lot of shopping so I’m sure this isn’t that new, but I only found out about this a few months ago. But I love them and wanted to do a little review about it!

I found out that Bath & Body Works (one of my favorite stores) has car air freshener things, it’s so cool. If you don’t know what it is, you get a do-hickey that you like and can put in your car and you can change out the scents! Now, I have heard some people say that those things don’t last very long but I honestly disagree. I started using my first scent in early October (Cinnamon Pumpkin, in case you were wondering) and it’s just now starting to lose the scent. And even still I was able to smell it slightly today but I think it might be time to switch it today.
I think on the package it says it lasts 6-8 weeks and it’s been longer than that… right? I can’t math. I honestly say that’s not bad for $3 or $4. (Depends on what you get)

Oh hey, wait, I have a picture.


See, that’s the do-hickey. Case? Is it called a case? I don’t know.

I’ve since found some that I like even more… but such is life. I can’t see why I would need more than one.
I saw they also have the plug-in scents for your home and I really want one of those eventually too. I’m going there tomorrow to get Christmas presents and since they almost always have an amazing sale going during the holidays I’m going to see how much it would be for those. Plus I have coupons!

But anyway, if you haven’t tried them out I totally recommend them. They have cases of all different styles, even really simplistic ones. The scents available are pretty limited. Luckily they are available in one of my favorites, Sweat Pea. If only I could get Cherry Blossom! Check them out. If you do, let me know what you think. What’s YOUR favorite scent?!

And if you have the home plug-in ones, please tell me if you like them because I really want one.

EDIT: I looked it up. They’re just called holders. How boring. I’ve renamed it to do-hickey.

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